Thursday, 17 October 2013

Player Analysis: Michu

Can this Spaniard be the defining man for your season?

By the Stats...
Price: 9.0
Total Score: 31
Average Score: 4.43
Selected by: 16.9%
Fixtures: SUNDERLAND, WEST HAM, Cardiff, STOKE, Fulham

Career to this Stage

Miguel Perez Cuesta (or Michu) is widely regarded as one of the best buys of the past decade, with Swansea picking up this attacking player (either in the hole or leading the line) for a reported 2 million pounds! Excellent bit of business for the Welsh unit. The Spaniard begun his career at Real Oviedo (in Spain's second tier) where he knocked in 13 from 100 appearances for the club. He then spent time at Celta B and then Celta, where he scored at a similar rate. He has always been noticed for his ability to make a pass and create opportunities, but only at Rayo Vallecano did Michu begin to show that he can hit the net on a very regular basis as well. The season of 2011/12, Michu scored 15 times from 37 appearances, a fantastic rate for any player let alone an attacking midfielder. What was more incredible was that even after speculation from Real Madrid and Barcelona, he managed to find a home in the Premier League for peanuts. Since then he has scored 20 in 42 appearances, and shown that he may well be the best attacking midfielder in the league. At 27, his best years are still ahead!

2013/14 Stats

The first thing to note with Michu's somewhat slow start (only the 2 league goals in 7 starts), is the extremely difficult draw Swansea had to manage at the beginning of this campaign. As displayed above, the draw is now opening up and so we should look at what he has produced against these sides previously;

Sunderland- scored a goal against them in the home tie.
West Ham- once again, managed to score in the home tie.
Cardiff- no previous data, but expectations should be high considering the lack of quality and depth at Cardiff.
Stoke- Didn't manage to score against Stoke last season, but you'd think he may right that wrong sooner rather than later. 
Fulham- He played Fulham at home in the last game of the season and didn't get many opportunities in a poor finish to the season.

Looking at these figures, he could quite easily produce 3-4 goals through this period, which would be a phenomenal return from a man rated 9.0! He has produced a shot on goal at almost an equal rate to last season, showing his positivity certainly hasn't changed. 

Looking at this data, his positioning hasn't changed either;

2012/2013 Positioning

Now the 2013/2014 average positioning stats;

Positioning stats are extremely important in the fantasy caper. The closer you're to goal on average, the more goals you'll score (unless your name is Fernando Torres of course). Judging by this data, if anything Michu is even more forward than ever before. Goals will come, and it seems to be prime time for Michu to start hitting the scoreboard.

Another interesting statistic is the minutes per opportunity created, in which Michu has drastically improved his assist potential. 92 minutes per chance created was his number last season, but this time out he is creating an opportunity every 38 minutes. He only produced 2 assists last season and given he has already produced one this time out, expect that number to improve as we move deeper into the season.


We all had this man for the majority of last campaign. His returns were phenomenal as he continued to produce almost on a weekly basis. This time he comes at a price, but really if he can produce the way he did last season, the price will certainly be worth it. Personally I believe the stars have aligned. The Spaniard has a mouth watering draw, is looking more likely to assist while maintaining his goal threat. Certainly a captain option, so jump on now!

Good luck this weekend fantasy fellows! Is Michu on your radar? Comment below and thanks for reading!