Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Changes a Plenty!

Welcome to another year of changes...

They're back for 2014. The rule changers have been at it again, similarly to the ones who run the actual AFL season. After the 2013 rule change of 2 trades a week, written off in its infancy but finishing the season having been enjoyed by many, we have now been dealt a card which has also created anger amongst the hard core fantasy folks once again!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fantasy Predictions: Patrick Karnezis

The most hated fantasy face from 2013, can he turn the tide in 2014?

By the Stats...
Club: Collingwood
Position: Forward/Midfielder
Price: DT 212,700/ SC 179,000
Bye: Round 8
2013 average: DT 49.7/ SC 47.3
2013 games: 3

Monday, 16 December 2013

Fantasy Predictions: Scott Selwood

Just another +4 for Scooter, the tackling machine!

AFL Fantasy Stats (AFL DT/ AFL SC)
Price: $587,500/ $561,000
Average: 108.4/103.8
Bye: Round 9
Early Draw: Dogs, Dees, Saints, Cats, Power, Blues, Dockers, GWS
Double-up Fixtures: Dees, Suns, Saints, Pies, Dockers
1st Half Average (DT): 108.6 (11)
2nd Half Average (DT): 108 (7)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Player Analysis: Theo Walcott

Walcott, yet another differential to consider!

By the Stats...
Average per 90 minutes: 4.8
Bonus Points: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 3
Total Minutes: 380 (4.22 full games)
Owned by: 3.8%

Monday, 2 December 2013

2014 AFL Fantasy Preseason

Hello Fantasy Footy Fans! Just a quick update letting you all know that we plan to have a big fantasy preseason at JAFB! 
Look forward to the following as we lead up to the first bounce;

  • Player Previews
  • Big fixture analysis and analysis tool
  • Expected best 22's heading into Round 1
And much more! Get excited, 2014 will be a big season!