Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Player Analysis: Theo Walcott

Walcott, yet another differential to consider!

By the Stats...
Average per 90 minutes: 4.8
Bonus Points: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 3
Total Minutes: 380 (4.22 full games)
Owned by: 3.8%

Career to this Stage

Theo Walcott, the England international with 36 caps and already 187 appearances for Arsenal is now well and truly ready to become the player he is expected to become. Beginning his professional career at Southampton, where he managed 21 appearances and 4 goals, he was quickly snapped up by Arsenal at the age of 16 for a fee of  £5 million, rising to £12 million depending on appearances for club and country. He immediately flourished, setting up a goal on debut and quickly becoming the poster child for the future of the England game. Throughout the years he has been cursed by numerous injuries which have somewhat stunted his development. In recent seasons, he has been able to manage these issues much better, having played 32 and 35 Premier League games in the last 2 seasons. After managing 14 goals and assisting 13 last season, Walcott realised his potential and begun to show exactly what  he is capable of.

2013/14 Season

After playing the first 4 games of the season, Theo picked up an abdominal injury which is usually due to overuse injury. Unfortunately the injury ruled him out for the best part of 3 months. There is a silver lining thankfully. Taking that extended time off meant Theo could get his first full rest for quite sometime. Given that abdominal injuries are rarely re-occurring, it's unlikely he'll have much difficulty coming back.

In 2012/13, Walcott's stats read;

  • Created a chance every 63 minutes
  • 42.1% Shot Accuracy
  • 27.7 minutes per shot
  • 6.5 touches in the penalty area per 90 minutes
As everyone should realise by now, these are simply phenomenal stats. To make matters even better, Walcott takes a fair chunk of the corners and that just equates to yet another way he can rack up the assists. His 2013/14 stats aren't very relevant thus far considering the extremely low amount of data to go on. Nonetheless they remain relatively constant with last years figures.

Another side note to consider is the fact that Walcott is likely to play many fixtures throughout the campaign as the striker. Given Arsenal's lack of depth in this department, and given Walcott's desire to play there and given he has shown an ability to thrive in the role, I suspect we'll see him start in many games as the main man.


Given Walcott has such a low ownership, he simply must be considered on the differential factor alone. When you add in what a star he can be in this fantasy caper, it's apparent that he may be what we are all after. At a hefty price of 9.1, he doesn't come cheap and that makes the decision somewhat of a greater risk than some may be prepared to make. Nonetheless taking the risk on Theo could have phenomenal rewards! Get him in now if you want a differential that has the ability to push you up the rankings.

Thanks for reading fantasy fellows! What are your thoughts on Theo? Please comment below, and enjoy the midweek fixtures!