Thursday, 29 August 2013

Player Review: Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey, can he be the bargain of 2013/14?

By the Stats... 

Total Score: 6
Owned by: 5.0%

Ramsey, 22, is a Welsh men who plays as the classic box to box midfielder. Bought from Cardiff City for 4.8 million pounds, Aaron slowly but surely worked his way into the Arsenal starting eleven and begun to become a regular fixture in the side. In 2009/10, Ramsey was producing a direct goal or assist every 3 matches he was involved with. This was at the age of 18 and thus much was expected. In early 2010, a shocking Shawcross tackle caused a double fracture in the young Gunners right leg. It took a loan spell to Nottingham and Cardiff, plus the best part of three years for him to regain the ripping form he had pre-injury. After strong performances throughout the pre-season and now regular season, the reasons are mounting for Ramsey to be instated into many a fantasy side... He may just be the bargain of the 2013/14 Fantasy Football season!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

EPL Weekend Review

Giroud continued his fine form in front of goal on the weekend

Fulham vs Arsenal
Final result: 1-3

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

'The Most Significant Sanction in AFL History'

Essendon pushed the Boundaries and now they must pay the
Sickening Consequences,
'The Most Significant Sanction in AFL History'

Essendon has been gutted. The most sickening of blows for the Essendon Football Club has been agreed upon earlier today, with the charge being the greatest the AFL/VFL competition has made within it's history by a herculean stretch. Over the best part of 7 months, we've been discussing the severe consequences Essendon could receive if found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs. As of yet, all the findings that the AFL and ASADA have found are not privy to the public ear. These will soon come out, but at this stage the charges have been laid. The AFL has charged Essendon for bringing the game into disrepute (Under Rule 1.6), and although they haven't been charged with administering performance enhancing drugs to their players, they have been charged with;
"Didn't adequately work to help sustain the health and welfare of it's players." (Fitzpatrick)
"It was experimental, inappropriate, inadequately vetted and controlled." (Fitzpatrick)
"Potential to have been administered substances prohibited by WADA." (Fitzpatrick)
"The most significant sanction in AFL history." (Demetriou) 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

EPL Weekend Review

Simon Mignolet saves the clean sheet!

G'day everyone!
My name is Steve Dawson and I’m from South Australia. I follow the AFL and EPL in great detail. I go for Port Adelaide in the AFL and the mighty Tottenham Hotspurs in the EPL. I have now been playing AFL Dream team for 3 years now and I’m still not the greatest but improving significantly each year. I've also been playing Fantasy Premier League for a few years as well and have a good grasp on the majority of players in the league. I'm very knowledgeable in both AFL and EPL as I watch most games of both codes each week. I look forward to writing more posts like this one and look forward to hearing your feedback.
Enjoy People!

Player Analysis: Steven Whittaker

What will Whittaker bring to the
table in 13/14?

By the Stats... 
Price:4.0 (will rise soon)
Total Score: 11
Owned by: 13.7%

As the stats read, Whittaker began the season on a very bright note, contributing a goal and an assist in the 2 all stalemate against Everton. He has already been transferred in by nearly 69000 teams, so his price is certainly ready to BOOM! In this analysis I will make certain you know every reason why Whittaker may be the best value option in 2013/14 Fantasy Premier League. 

Team Review: The Goal Diggers

Jonno's side, can he defy the odds and push to the top?

The Goal Diggers; an elaborate mix of skilled Premier League footballers, and a few players from Sunderland. As a ‘Mackem’ I’m allowed to say that, and truth be told I stand no chance of winning this thing because I am too stubborn. No players I don’t like, no players from teams I don’t like, and far too many players from the Red and White Army. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Team Review: The Johnsonator

The Johnsonator- a side to reckon with this season!


This will be my first real shot at FPL this year, I’m a massive Dream Team fan, and will attempt to use my strategy and statistic ability to shoot up the rankings throughout the 38-week season! Wish me luck. Hope you like the run down...

Team Review: Koops Kickas

Koops Kickas, the real deal in 2013/14?

Hello everybody, I was a bit flattered when Ben asked me to preview my team. after all after the first 6 rounds when I was in the top 25,000 I didn't even finish in the top 500,000! However that was due to a lack of concentration, but not this year! So lets run through it shall we?

Team Review: Dangerous Renegade (Dane Gade's Team)

The 'Dangerous Renegades' have a different look every 3-5 minutes, but I have been asked to post my team and the thoughts/reasons behind each selection. So, here I am with what may or may not be my final starting side for GW1, but I shall post the thought process behind what transfers I aim to do up till GW3. You see, I am a strategist, a real thinker, so it is in my nature to plan ahead when going into the unknown. This is actually my first time making a Fantasy EPL team, but I have done my research, so here we go.

Team Review: x marks the spot? (Matt 'Tazza' Tarrant)

Matt's Team- Can it be triumphant in 2013/14?

So guys, here’s my awesomeo teamo!!!!! You've heard me banging on about my team plenty in the group but good ol' Ben has given ME the opportunity to do it for the FINAL time (no guarantees). I’ll just go through each player and state why I picked them and why you shouldn't! Just to make it more interesting...

Team Review: Wenger's Checkbook

Wenger's Checkbook, ready to roll for another season of
Fantasy EPL

'Wenger's Checkbook' has continually been evolving through the last few weeks. As most of us with FPL addictions will know, a quick adjustment can quickly turn into more than an hour working out who to pick and who to avoid. Anyway, walking into Gameweek 1, I have managed to choose a side that I feel has a lot of potential, albeit is unlikely to get off to a fantastic start given my general lack of Chelsea players.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Player Analysis: Olivier Giroud

Giroud, the real deal second season round?

By the Stats...
Average per 90 minutes: 4.68
Bonus Points: 13
Goals: 11
Assists: 4
Total Minutes: 2331 (25.9 full games)
Owned by: 8.2%

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Teams Round 20 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams
Buddy gone again!

Player Analysis: Philippe Coutinho

Those stats are hard to bypass!

By the Stats...
Average per 90 minutes: 6.83
Bonus Points: 6
Goals: 3
Assists: 7
Total Minutes: 923 (10.25 full games)
Owned by: 21.1%

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stadium Fantasy Preview

introducing stadium fantasy sport, afl fantasy sport,
Stadium Fantasy Sport! This is a game which has only been brought out for the beginning of 2013. Already I have grabbed a cool $600 from a win earlier in the year and to be completely honest, if you want to win money in the Fantasy caper, this game is your best bet! It plans to branch out into other codes later down the track, so go on and check it out! Stadium has a unique scoring system which is best explained as Supercoach type scoring without the 3300 cap. If you're like me, and like everything about Supercoach bar that cap, then this is your game from a scoring sense. They create a game for each match in the home and away season, and you can either enter into the free game (with a chance to pocket $100 to $600 depending on the game) or the betting side of it where you go against your mates and places a wager with winner taking all! Without further ado, I'll give you a lowdown on the best paying game of the week!

Sydney v Collingwood
(ANZ Stadium, Saturday Night)


Predictions are important because they usually determine where majority of the fantasy points are heading for the fixture. With that in the forefront of our minds, we can make a better call on how our squads can be structured. Thus Collingwood travel to Sydney to take on the second placed outfit. Collingwood dismantled the Bombers, providing the type of pressure football that they were renowned for in their premiership year of 2010. Sydney has been executing win after win in their quest to go back to back. I think given Sydney are playing at home, they've been in consistent continuous form, and the Pies have only produced one week of real quality football suggests the Swans should win. There was a long standing hoodoo that the Pies were on the positive end on against the Bloods, but that has recently been overcome and shouldn't have too much bearing on the result. 


  • Shaw- Heath's numbers have been a little down in recent weeks, averaging 109 in his last 3 as opposed to his monstrous 140 season average. Shaw's had average games by his lofty Stadium standards in his past 2 v Sydney. Given his ridiculous price and given this is a game that is determined by calculated risks, Shaw may be one to leave out this week.
  • Reid- Ben Reid has gone forward and shown all of the football world what a promising player he is at either end of the park. He's been dominating in his new role averaging 120 in his last 5, although he can be quite hit and miss. Pick him if you see the Pies having a good day and thus Reid receiving good delivery. Has the potential to deliver big time up against his brothers side!
  • Keefe- Lachlan is one of the types of players whose defensive role is actually very fantasy productive in this new scoring format. Priced at a cheap 355k, I think a hundred plus is certainly in the offering given it's likely to be a tough, tight contest. This often equates to poor delivery into the forward line, which allows for a greater chance to spoil. Dismiss at your peril!


  • Pendleburry- Scott dropped 66k last week, a positive when selecting our sides for this week. His scores have been down the past few weeks, but make no mistake that when he's in any sort of form, only Ablett rivals him on the fantasy scoring front. He's been relatively consistent in his last few against the Swans, but I suspect he's in for a big day to turn his form right around. 
  • Jack- Kieren is in career best form and expect that to continue on Saturday night. He scored a massive 194 on the weekend, showing exactly what he can produce. Not too mention back to back 190+'s! Plus an average of 161 from his last 5. Jump on now!

  • Grundy- I wrote it last week, but I'll reiterate it this week, you must have Grundy. Given the lack of value options in this game, a 50 type score is completely and utterly fine. Lock in!

  • Mumford- Mumford has started to lead the ruck again in this last few weeks, with Pyke spending more time forward. As a consequence, in the last 3 weeks he has averaged over 150! Major, major numbers. Given Collingwood's lack of depth in the ruck, expect Shane to have a big day!
  • O'Keefe- Some players like playing opposing sides, some like playing in a certain part of the year. For the most part, Ryan belongs in the second category, he traditionally comes home like a steam train! Up against Collingwood, a side he scored 185 on earlier this year, at home, big game and less than a month out from September, expect ROK to produce!
  • Hannebery- Dan Hannebery's season has been so good that many are stating he's a fair chance to be runner up in the Brownlow (lets face it, if Ablett hasn't won something is wrong)! He is the type of player that can have a few average ones but backs it up every now and again with a best on ground (Last 3- 118, 92, 191). He smashed the Pies in Round 9 this year, producing a 171 in the demolition! I'm predicting similar results this time around, he's a big player who now has a big stage!

Captaincy Options
  • Pendleburry- very much suited to this format and up against a premiership contender, Scott will come out willing to put everything on the line this week. Hasn't been in the best of form, but expect that to change and a 200+ is not out of question!
  • O'Keefe- unique as they come on the captaincy front. Reasonable form, opponent he likes and a big game player. O'Keefe is worth the punt!
  • Hannebery- much like O'Keefe, can go bonkers on his day and Saturday looks a likely striking time!

Anyway some food for thought when going for the big prize this weekend! $600 on offer for 1st, $300 for 2nd and even a $100 for third. If you nail it, you'll be ecstatic all weekend! Sign up is easy, so enjoy the game, just leave the big prize for me!

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE! Once again thank you fantasy fellows, good luck for Round 20!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Player Analysis: Edin Džeko

Is Edin Džeko a must have? 

By the Stats...
Price: 7.5
Average per 90 minutes: 6.42
Bonus Points: 12
Goals: 14
Assists: 6
Total Minutes: 1823 (20.25 full games)
Owned by: 12.1%

Edin has forever been a replacement option in the star studded  City squad. At his previous club, he was touted as the next big thing in world football, dominating the Bundesliga in his early 20's. City swooped in and paid 27 million pounds for Edin, obviously suggesting just how highly they rated the Bosnian. Dzeko has proven that he can produce the fantasy points for a number of years, even with his limited game time. With Pellegrini now on the scene, the big man's stocks have risen considerably. This quote recently came out, which may make all the difference to this selection, “We could’ve signed other players but I consider him (Dzeko) the main striker of the team and I’m sure his performance along the season will be really good,” Pellegrini said.“I very much trust him and I can say that every other player that have come are a support for a squad that needs to have more than one player in every position.” {Link here} With this in mind, Dzeko must be on every fantasy radar!

Reasons to start with Dzeko

  • Extremely cheap
  • Strong early draw
  • Will be a starting 11 player
  • Pellegrini likes him
  • Strong preseason
  • At 27, he's entering his prime
  • Has produced in this league before

Reasons to not start with Dzeko

  • There is a lot of competition for spots
  • Has never proven himself over a long period of time 
  • Man City's rotation policy, although Pellegrini may not use this to the same effect as Mancini


Personally I think this is the news that we've been waiting for. Edin's average is right up there with the best of the best in terms of striking options and at just 7.5 million, it may just be the bargain of the season! Of course actions speak louder than words, so potentially Pellegrini's quotes don't have any substance. It's a minor risk, and one worth taking at that. Try and fit the big Bosnian into your team now!

Anyway what are your thoughts on Coleman? If you're thinking of playing Fantasy Premier League, please join the FPL Dreamers FB Page HERE, where we will discuss everything regarding fantasy football.

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Player Analysis: Séamus Coleman

Can Coleman produce the goods for our fantasy sides?

By the Stats...
Price: 5.0
Average per 90 minutes: 3.1
Bonus Points: 5
Goals: 0
Assists: 5
Total Minutes: 2165 (24.1 full games)
Owned by: 5.3%

Coleman, 24, is one of the few value backs that may be somewhat misclassified. Don't take last seasons statistics into calculation too much when deciding whether Coleman is right for your side. The reason being that with Martinez coming to the helm, the likelihood that Coleman will play the right midfield role in a 3-4-3 system is far greater, allowing him to have more attacking potential. With all this in mind, and at a bargain price of 5.0, he must be considered.

Reasons to start with Coleman

  • If Martinez plays his preferred 3-4-3 system, Coleman is likely to play in a right midfield role, thus allowing him to be a more attacking threat
  • Value selection
  • Has produced a season in the midfield before (2010/11), in which he scored 4 and assisting 4 others over 34 appearances
  • Started all of the last 11, and is guaranteed to be starting 11

Reasons to not start with Coleman

  • You're very reliant on Martinez's tactics which potentially could change to suit Everton
  • Has had some re-occurring hamstring and thigh problems as lately as last season
  • May play in the defensive line if someone gets injured


This pick is reliant on a few things happening, but needless to say when you consider the price and the likeliness of these things happening, I think we can safely choose Coleman for our starting sides. Playing in an Everton defence automatically means a number of clean sheets. Couple that with a misclassification, Coleman could be producing goals whilst earning the 4 points from the clean sheet. At this stage, with the lack of cheap defenders that can offer offensive points, Coleman will be starting for my side and I expect thousands of others!

Anyway what are your thoughts on Coleman? If you're thinking of playing Fantasy Premier League, please join the FPL Dreamers FB Page HERE, where we will discuss everything regarding fantasy football.

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE

Friday, 2 August 2013

Looking to the Future: 2014 Fantasy Targets

Suckers, will be a must have in 2014

A bit early I know, but with many Fantasy sides faltering to the finish line, it's always exciting to think that next year could be the year! I'll give you a low down on the potential fantasy options for next year, allowing us to put in some early thoughts into who might wear the guernseys of our respective sides!

Matt Suckling

Immediate 40-50% discount in all competitions. Has produced keeper-like numbers in both major competitions! Did his knee in the pre-season so should be ready to go by round 1. His super kick means he'll always have a spot in the side. So looks one of the few blatant picks for 2014!

Dayne Beams

Already proven this year what a star he is. Given he may only play 9 games, usually if you play 8 or less you get a minor discount of 10%. Hoping this occurs, because with a full pre-season behind him, Dayne could well be the best fantasy midfielder in 2014! 

Jack Martin

This kid has the potential to be anything! Likened to O'Meara, Martin will likely be the most picked player in all competitions next season and with good reason. The first lock of every respectable side in 2014.

Hamish McIntosh

This has been a dreadful season for the now Cat McIntosh. Has battled through numerous injuries, and looks very unlikely to get out for the Cats this season after a strong campaign last time round. 40-50% discount on the cards, so if he can shrug the injuries we should all be on. The obvious #1 ruck even at this moment in time, thus job security shouldn't be an issue.

Alex Woodward

Woodward is someone who has had as much bad luck as you possibly could to date. Back to back ACL injuries, it's been another year of rehab for the young Hawk. Woodward is a far chance to debut if he can string some injury free minutes together. Has smashed both pre-seasons he's been involved with, has a big fantasy game and the Hawks are willing to blood youth. Don't write him off!

Lance Franklin

I think it's fair to liken Buddy to Cloke given the contract issues and thus the major falls in both players averages across all comps. If Buddy goes to GWS, they'll look to him every chance they get, aka Gaz. He can play as a winger, so don't worry too much about whether they can get the ball in their forward line enough. If he stays, expect his numbers to be similar to his previous premium years. Personally a lock for me either way!

Steele Sidebottom

Potential to be re-classified given his time spent as a half forward. Must have if this occurs!

Patrick Dangerfield

Spent a lot of time deep forward. Had a few injuries and average is below what it should be as a by-product. If he is reclassified, he will be an absolute lock!

Lachie Henderson

Henderson has recently had a role change, becoming the Blues dominant full forward. Personally think they have no other choice, and thus this role should continue. He has the potential to average 90+DT/110+SC, in this role, so certainly keep him on your radar for next year!

Adam Treloar

Treloar has slowly built his numbers from last year to this one. Third season next year and a break out looks on the cards. Expect a general spike in the Giants next season, so if you're daring Treloar definitely has the game to average 100+!

Toby Greene

Should gain defender eligibility in time for next year. Is no longer allowed to play his 'see ball get ball' type game, so be wary. If you see improvements in his kicking and defensive running during the pre-season, he may gain his previous midfield role!

Others to Note...

  • Taylor Walker
  • Dale Thomas
  • Anthony Morabito
  • Daniel Menzel
  • Brandon Matera
  • Beau Waters
  • Nic Naitanui

Looking to the Future... Future

AFL Dreamers very own,
Nathan 'Yzo' Tyerman

Tyerman, playing for Campbell Town Blues in Sydney Div 3, may be one to look at for the future. Has kicked 4 this season, and has good ability round goals. Also played five top tier games, not looking out of place at all. Keep him on your radars fantasy folks, should get some forward eligibility to chuck on your bench sometime ;)

Thanks to the AFL Dreamers Members for the names they threw out! 

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE! Once again thank you fantasy fellows, good luck for Round 19!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Teams Round 19 (From a Fantasy Perpective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams

Touch and go, will the Bombers star be back?

North Melbourne
IN: L.Delaney, B.Jacobs
OUT: N.Grima (back), A.Swallow (Achilles)

Jacobs gets his first crack for awhile. Has fantasy potential, so might be worth it in Stadium. Obviously get off Swallow if you have him, an achilles certainly isn't a one week injury!


IN: J.Hunt, J.Bartel, T.West, M.Blicavs
OUT: J.Podsiadly (suspension), D.Simpson (Knee), M.Brown, G.Horlin-Smith

A few big losses and a few big ins! Bartel and the Blics are big ins, still no Christensen though... West should have a dominant role in the ruck, so he may be a potential smoky for Stadium!


IN: S.Coniglio, L.Whitfield
OUT: S.Darley, W.Hoskin-Elliott (concussion)

Not much to report from a Fantasy Football point of view. Maybe Coniglio as an outside chance to dominate against the Dees.


IN: D.Terlich, C.Garland, J.Spencer
OUT: J.Frawley (hamstring), C.Dawes (calf), S.Blease

Terlich is obviously a big in for fantasy. Look to start him in all formats against the Giants! Otherwise like for like replacements, although no Frawley may hurt the chances of shutting down Cameron!


IN: S.Burgoyne
OUT: J.Simpkin

Burgoyne is back to simply add a little class to the line up. Don't think he'll have fantastic numbers though.


IN: L.McGuane, O.Stephenson, D.Astbury
OUT: R.Petterd (groin), T.Vickery (concussion), M.Arnot (back)

Once again not much to report for fantasy. Like for like replacements, although you do feel it'll be harder for the Tiges to pull off the upset given their losses to injury.

West Coast Eagles

IN: D.Glass, B.Sheppard, A.Embley
OUT: M.Brown, C.Masten (ankle), C.Morton

Sheppard and Embley are both under-priced and may be worth a sneaky shot in Stadium Fantasy. Otherwise the loss of Masten will hurt the Eagles, with the Suns having one less form player to worry about. 

Gold Coast Suns

IN: R.Thompson, D.Prestia, D.Swallow, D.Gorringe
OUT: J.Brennan, M.Weller, J.Gillbee, T.Nicholls (knee)

All of these ins could be Stadium relevant. Gorringe is a good pick now given he'll share a lot of the ruck time with Dixon, which should see his numbers jump. Prestia could get off the chain on a big Patterson's ground, so could be a snaky captaincy pick for anyone daring in Stadium!



Nothing to report. Moving along...

IN: H.Ballantyne
OUT: C.Sutcliffe

Big inclusion for the Dockers. Personally think they'll make the Blues look silly, and this is one of the guys who'll make that happen!

Brisbane Lions

IN: P.Hanley, J.O'Brien, R.Harwood
OUT: A.McGrath, B.Moloney (soreness), J.Crisp

Big losses offset by the potential AA inclusion of Hanley. Lock and load for Stadium, as Hanley could well go a double hundred plus type number against the Saints.

St Kilda

IN: D.Roberton, S.Dunell
OUT: J.Gwilt (knee), T.Hickey

Dunnell and Roberton are back. both under-priced in Stadium, so I'd look to get on at least one of those two.

The Sunday Teams

Western Bulldogs

IN: D.Cross, M.Austin, C.Howard, T.Campbell, J.Stringer
OUT: M.Boyd (calf) L.Jones (ankle)

It appears that Matty Boyd's calves are shot. Sad to say, but I think his fantasy relevance could well be over. Think if Howard can avoid the vest, he's a great candidate for Stadium given he can produce anything when on song!

IN: R.Shaw, M.Morton, S.Biggs

Wait for the final release before bringing any of these guys into your Stadium sides.


IN: B.Rutten, J.Petrenko, P.Dangerfield, L.Johnston, M.Grigg, S.Kerridge
OUT: R.Tambling, R.Sloane (eye), J.Jenkins (ankle)

Quite a few big ins for the Crows. Once again wait and see, but Danger in a Showdown type game screams Stadium captain to me. Get on!

Port Adelaide

IN: C.Hitchcock, N.Blee, C.Heath

None are really fantasy relevant, unless Blee can crack a game. Check for finalised teams tomorrow.

IN: L.Ball, Q.Lynch, P.Seedsman

Three major ins. Watch for Seedsman to dismantle Essendon if he can continue in his hot vein of form!


IN: J.Watson, S.Gumbleton, K.Hardingham, N.O'Brien, D.Fletcher
OUT: M.Hurley (ankle), J.Daniher

So Jobe does make it in! They drop one tall forward the Bombers, obviously thinking they were too slow last week! Watch for finalised teams, but O'Brien is a good cheapie in the Stadium platform if he gets a gig!

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE! Once again thank you fantasy fellows, good luck for Round 19!

Player Analysis: Kevin Mirallas

Mirallas, can you go without him?

By the Stats...
Average per 90 minutes: 4.73
Bonus Points: 13
Goals: 6
Assists: 5
Total Minutes: 1827 (20.3 full games)
Owned by: 4.6%

Kevin came to Everton from the Greek giants Olympiakos late last year, and it proved to be a great get for the Merseyside club. He scored 20 in 25 matches before the move, suggesting that he has the potential to be a deadly striker. The 25 year old had an injury plagued year including a hamstring injury which kept him out for 5 matches. After a strong second half of the campaign, Kevin showed that he'd adapted to the rigours of English football and put together 11 games on the trot. Potentially misclassified, Mirallas must be on everyone's watch list!

Reasons to start with Mirallas

  • Great value
  • Martinez prefers a 3-4-3 formation. This means Kevin should play in a more advanced role
  • Potentially misclassified as a midfielder rather than a striker
  • Started the last 11 matches of last season, contributing with 5 goals and an assist
  • Very strong early draw
  • Strong pre-season form

Reasons to not start with Mirallas

  • Has had re-occuring hamstring problems in the past
  • There are still question marks over what formation Martinez will play


It looks as though Mirallas is a player with fantastic upside. Personally he is a lock for my side, as a very strong finish last season, coupled with a strong opening draw this time round, I'd be very surprised if he didn't produce wonderful numbers early on. Expect his value to increase quickly if he has a few strong outings, so if you choose not to start with him, don't wait too long to get on!

Anyway what are your thoughts on Mirallas? If you're thinking of playing Fantasy Premier League, please join the FPL Dreamers FB Page HERE, where we will discuss everything regarding fantasy football.

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE