Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Teams Round 20 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams
Buddy gone again!

St Kilda
IN: Blake Gwilt Newnes Murdoch Michington
OUT: Simpkin Stanley Siposs Saad Dunell
A multitude of outs and ins for the Saints! Nothing too noteworthy, but Michington might be a solid inclusion given his rookie price! Given the Stadium platform he must be considered!

IN: Simpkin Spangher Grimley
OUT: Hodge Franklin Ceglar
Obviously Buddy is a big loss for the Hawks. Given the opposition and the desperation the Hawks will have for redemption, I wouldn't consider this to be a game defining loss. Expect Roughead to prosper and he may be a very good Stadium captain! The Hodge loss will help Lewis' time in the middle, so he is likely to prosper!

IN: Vickery
OUT: Stephenson
Like for like, not fantasy relevant though...

IN: Moloney, Martin, Lester
OUT: Brown, Bewick, Golby.
Once again, not too much interest here. Rockliff may lose some of his midfield time given the Moloney inclusion, so beware if captaincy is being considered!

IN: Podsiadly, Rivers, Christensen, Stringer, Walker
OUT: J Hunt, West, T Hunt, Smedts, Blicavs

A few stars are back. Too hard to call where they'll line up at this stage! 

Port Adelaide
IN: Blee
OUT: P Stewart
Once again, not too relevant.

IN: J.Waite, R.Warnock, T.Menzel, J.Bootsma
Out: A.Carrazzo (calf), M.Kreuzer (calf), K.Lucas, M.Robinson
Waite is a major inclusion, given he may affect Henderson's role in the forward line. Proceed with caution on both selections. Menzel must be likely for the sub. Warnock is a direct in for Kreuzer and expect him to score strongly in Stadium.

Western Bulldogs
IN: M.Austin, L.Jones, E.Wood
Out: M.Talia (soreness), L.Hunter (rested), J.Macrae (soreness)
Three important outs, which will certainly hurt the Dogs chances. None are very fantasy applicable though.

IN: McGlynn
Like for like inclusion, but don't expect much fantasy relevance...


Not much to say here...

Gold Coast

Once again, not much to say here, moving along...

IN: J.McKenzie, T.Davis
Out: M.Gawn, J.Toumpas
Gawn out, but no blatant inclusion straight for him. Otherwise nothing much interests me from these changes.

The Sunday Teams

IN: Hille, Davey, Winderlich, Howlett, Pears
OUT: Dempsey, Dell’Olio
Winderlich is a name that interests me in Stadium. Given the Dons wouldn't take any risks with him, expect him to be a high scoring, unique selection!

West Coast
IN: LeCras, Priddis, Masten, McGinnity
OUT: Carter
Big ins for the Eagles, and all of them will be quality fantasy selections. Take your pick!

IN: J.Porplyzia, M.Jaensch, R.Sloane, S.Shaw
Out: J.Lyons
Too hard to say at this time who's likely to be in, but watch because a Porplyzia inclusion might be interesting!

North Melbourne
IN: L.Greenwood, W.Sierakowski, K.Harper, T.Garner
Out: B.McKenzie

Greenwood is a great value selection in Stadium if he gets a gig! Otherwise, not much to pick from, but check for final sides!
IN: Pavlich, Ibbotson, Crichton, Crozier
OUT: C Pearce
Ibbotson is back, and will be a straight inclusion for Pearce. Might be a strong selection given the added pressure of being a main rebounder. Pav is back, and with a mini pre-season, he may well eb in for a good night!

IN: Darley, Tyson, Wilson, Downie
OUT: Shiel
Can't tell who is the likely in at this stage. If Tyson makes the cut certainly consider!

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