Friday, 2 August 2013

Looking to the Future: 2014 Fantasy Targets

Suckers, will be a must have in 2014

A bit early I know, but with many Fantasy sides faltering to the finish line, it's always exciting to think that next year could be the year! I'll give you a low down on the potential fantasy options for next year, allowing us to put in some early thoughts into who might wear the guernseys of our respective sides!

Matt Suckling

Immediate 40-50% discount in all competitions. Has produced keeper-like numbers in both major competitions! Did his knee in the pre-season so should be ready to go by round 1. His super kick means he'll always have a spot in the side. So looks one of the few blatant picks for 2014!

Dayne Beams

Already proven this year what a star he is. Given he may only play 9 games, usually if you play 8 or less you get a minor discount of 10%. Hoping this occurs, because with a full pre-season behind him, Dayne could well be the best fantasy midfielder in 2014! 

Jack Martin

This kid has the potential to be anything! Likened to O'Meara, Martin will likely be the most picked player in all competitions next season and with good reason. The first lock of every respectable side in 2014.

Hamish McIntosh

This has been a dreadful season for the now Cat McIntosh. Has battled through numerous injuries, and looks very unlikely to get out for the Cats this season after a strong campaign last time round. 40-50% discount on the cards, so if he can shrug the injuries we should all be on. The obvious #1 ruck even at this moment in time, thus job security shouldn't be an issue.

Alex Woodward

Woodward is someone who has had as much bad luck as you possibly could to date. Back to back ACL injuries, it's been another year of rehab for the young Hawk. Woodward is a far chance to debut if he can string some injury free minutes together. Has smashed both pre-seasons he's been involved with, has a big fantasy game and the Hawks are willing to blood youth. Don't write him off!

Lance Franklin

I think it's fair to liken Buddy to Cloke given the contract issues and thus the major falls in both players averages across all comps. If Buddy goes to GWS, they'll look to him every chance they get, aka Gaz. He can play as a winger, so don't worry too much about whether they can get the ball in their forward line enough. If he stays, expect his numbers to be similar to his previous premium years. Personally a lock for me either way!

Steele Sidebottom

Potential to be re-classified given his time spent as a half forward. Must have if this occurs!

Patrick Dangerfield

Spent a lot of time deep forward. Had a few injuries and average is below what it should be as a by-product. If he is reclassified, he will be an absolute lock!

Lachie Henderson

Henderson has recently had a role change, becoming the Blues dominant full forward. Personally think they have no other choice, and thus this role should continue. He has the potential to average 90+DT/110+SC, in this role, so certainly keep him on your radar for next year!

Adam Treloar

Treloar has slowly built his numbers from last year to this one. Third season next year and a break out looks on the cards. Expect a general spike in the Giants next season, so if you're daring Treloar definitely has the game to average 100+!

Toby Greene

Should gain defender eligibility in time for next year. Is no longer allowed to play his 'see ball get ball' type game, so be wary. If you see improvements in his kicking and defensive running during the pre-season, he may gain his previous midfield role!

Others to Note...

  • Taylor Walker
  • Dale Thomas
  • Anthony Morabito
  • Daniel Menzel
  • Brandon Matera
  • Beau Waters
  • Nic Naitanui

Looking to the Future... Future

AFL Dreamers very own,
Nathan 'Yzo' Tyerman

Tyerman, playing for Campbell Town Blues in Sydney Div 3, may be one to look at for the future. Has kicked 4 this season, and has good ability round goals. Also played five top tier games, not looking out of place at all. Keep him on your radars fantasy folks, should get some forward eligibility to chuck on your bench sometime ;)

Thanks to the AFL Dreamers Members for the names they threw out! 

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