Saturday, 17 August 2013

Team Review: Dangerous Renegade (Dane Gade's Team)

The 'Dangerous Renegades' have a different look every 3-5 minutes, but I have been asked to post my team and the thoughts/reasons behind each selection. So, here I am with what may or may not be my final starting side for GW1, but I shall post the thought process behind what transfers I aim to do up till GW3. You see, I am a strategist, a real thinker, so it is in my nature to plan ahead when going into the unknown. This is actually my first time making a Fantasy EPL team, but I have done my research, so here we go.

As many teams are doing, I am also utilising the double scoring potential in GW1 of Chelsea players. But, while many are going to use one of their two wildcards in GW3, I have a different approach. I have thought ahead so that I can use one trade each round, in order to get rid of the Chelsea players I did not originally want in my side, in particular Cech as GK. So, the players that I originally wanted in my side I shall have by GW3 without being penalised for trading along with not using my wildcard. However, my team is a little bit risky, so I may have to wildcard it any way as some players are untried at EPL level and the premier league style of play. But, without blabbing on any more, here is my team. Player Review
Cech - Using him for GW1 specifically for the easy week that it shall be for Chelsea. By GW3 he shall be replaced by Stekelenburg for Fulham's game against Newcastle.

Davis - Throw away position at 4.0 to free up some cash for other positions.
Koscielny - This guy is a freak, he will score better than Mertesacker. Arsenal's backline options should not be overlooked, recording 7 clean sheets from February onwards.
Rat - I have copped a bit from my friends for this selection, due to his age and being an untried player in the EPL. But, the Romanian may be 32 now, but he’s still a gun with the ball, is good for a set-piece and should be part of what looks like a very healthy left-hand side at West Ham. Think of what he could do at Upton Park!
Coleman - read the article here (link to your article). Whittaker - Good back up option at 4.0. Should start in the Norwich GW1 team.
Luna - A little bit of Aston Villa bias creeping into my team, but this guy is a freak, he will score a few sneaky goals as sometimes he gets time in the midfield.
Silva - He will be a scoring machine for Man City this season all due to the inclusion of Navas. Navas will draw the extra player to him, which will allow Silva more room and space for what he does best, setting stuff up and scoring like a beast.
Hazard - A no brainer for the C and a selection in my team. He is a freak in fantasy point scoring as well as technically. Solid LOCK!
Chadli - This guy is my smokey. When he played a full game for the Spurs, he was doing things I could only imagine could be done in Fifa 13! He is a freak. With Bale not playing, I expect Chadli to score well. Plus, he is often rotated to the striker position just to mix things up. 
Coutinho - Read the thinking process here.
Walcott - Is basically a striker playing as a mid in Fantasy. He has come of age, I believe he will play this weekend, if not then it shall be a swap to Michu.
Soldado - He will take the penalties (I call him the penalty king) and he shall always be the first choice striker. The guy is all class.
Aspas - Another smoky, my two main strikers are both untried in the EPL, but they shall play well. Aspas' pre season form has been great. With Suarez not playing the first 6 games, I expect big things from this guy. I will probably trade him out in GW6 or 7, I have chosen him due to Liverpool's great starting fixture.
Moore - Just there as a cheap filler. He will become Anelka or Bent when I go Cech to Stekelenburg and another cash in transfer.

Thanks for reading, discuss my team and yours in the comments!