Saturday, 17 August 2013

Team Review: The Johnsonator

The Johnsonator- a side to reckon with this season!


This will be my first real shot at FPL this year, I’m a massive Dream Team fan, and will attempt to use my strategy and statistic ability to shoot up the rankings throughout the 38-week season! Wish me luck. Hope you like the run down...

Player Review

Mignolet- Currently owned by 27.6% of teams and should be a bright inclusion to Liverpool’s squad. Along with their easy draw, I think at just 5.5, he’s fantastic value!

Mannone- Should get the nod for Sunderland after Mignolet’s departure. At just 4.5, he’s worth a shout.

Lescott- Cheaper than last year, he’s priced at just 5.5; I sense a bargain. He loves to get up the ground and score from time-to-time. Playing Newcastle at Home, along with a reasonably strong early fixture list, he’s locked into my side.

Koscielny- My first real POD, as an Arsenal fan, I've gone with Koscielny over the highly selected Mertesacker. I didn't really want to follow the pack; they play for the same team, so it’s not a big risk either. Kolscielny scores more often than Mertesacker, so I'm just hoping he slots one in GW1!

Ivanovic- Brandon scored 21 in GW1 last year, and he will try to repeat that this year... Especially with a DWG. Dead simple: Lock him in!

Coleman- Read here

Dawson- Benchwarmer- might get a few games. Worth it considering he’s just 4.0.

Snodgrass- With the introduction of Hooper and Wolfswinkel, I honestly think Snodgrass will flourish. He loves to assist, and with the added striking power, I believe he’ll be able to take his game to the next level! (Think Michu 2012)

Silva- Another point of difference here, I've gone Silva over Coutinho. Silva is a proven scorer, and after City’s poor scoring output last year, I think they’ll come out firing, and he’ll be the one leading the way.

Walcott- No explanation needed. Dead set jet.

Hazard- Should be locked and loaded for GW1. Captain potential too.

Colback- Cheap bench option. Should play.

Lukaku- In red hot form, facing a DGW and should get on the score sheet. He may end up coming off the bench, but as he’s shown before, he can still easily make an immediate impact. Will be looking to trade à Giroud in GW2.

Soldado- Should be a lock for everyone serious about FPL, and with a great early fixture run, looks like a solid premium option. Currently in my team and doesn't look like going anywhere.

Wolfswinkel- I originally had Aspas, but after researching a little bit more, I’m not confident about his JS. Wolfswinkel links in with the Snodgrass pick, I think they’ll pick up the points against Everton at home in GW1, and with Hooper having slight niggles, Wolfswinkel should be the main goal threat. At 7.0, he’s a bargain if you ask me.

So what do you think of my team? How's yours looking? Discuss in the comments!