Saturday, 17 August 2013

Team Review: Koops Kickas

Koops Kickas, the real deal in 2013/14?

Hello everybody, I was a bit flattered when Ben asked me to preview my team. after all after the first 6 rounds when I was in the top 25,000 I didn't even finish in the top 500,000! However that was due to a lack of concentration, but not this year! So lets run through it shall we?


I rarely start with any players who don't have any EPL experience as it takes a bit of adjusting in most cases. *cough* Michu *cough* This year is just that, however there are 3 exceptions in Soldado, Amorebieta and Rat in my squad. So plan is to downgrade Ivanovic to Mertesacker after GW1. Wildcard strategy is to wait until someone like a Bale or RVP or Mata is gunning it and then base my team around that.

Cheers guys, sorry it wasnt as long as others, but debate below in the comments! Read why below...

Player Review

Mignolet- Stock standard option here. I was quite tempted to actually go with the Finn Jaaskelanien but Mignolet playing for a better team sold me in the end.

Boruc- Should start for Southampton and will be solid bench cover.

Ivanovic- The memories linger in my mind of GW1 last year when Ivanovic pumped out a 21 to start the season. I'm relying that he gets both games. Has a better sense around goal than Cole, that Tazz has picked up.

Rat- Not seen much of him but have heard he should be guaranteed games and the Hammers have a lot of clean-sheet potential over the next month.

Coleman- I am incredibly worried about the amount of goals that the Everton defence will let through. However if he can net a few goals early hopefully playing on the wing then it'll be worth it. If not, Shawcross is always there.

Toure- normally I wouldn't go over 4.5 for my bench cover. However I'm willing to pay the extra .5 for the amount of EPL experience he has. Although don't be surprised to see me trade him to Bassong if that doesn't pay off.

Amorebieta - Doesn't score goals, just bench cover really. But he has so much experience that he should be a regular mainstay of Fulham's back 4.

Hazard- Doesn't really need explaining. Will also be my GW1 captain. He is a long term option and not just for the DGW.

Mirallas- A bargain for what he is capable of. Been playing magnificently during the pre-season. However his injury history has turned many off. I'm not one of them however.

Coutinho- An absolute lock while Suarez is out. Not much more to say really.

Nolan- Should be great again this season. Feel he has slightly more scoring potential than Snodgrass and Sessengon so that's whys he's in.

Koren- Hulls spot-kick taker who scored 7+5 last term should be a very reliable source of bench points. Similiar to how Davis started off last season for me.

Soldado- There was no way he wasn't going to be in my team after the news that Bale wasn't playing. Should absolutely murder Crystal Palace playing as Tottenham's lone striker. Usually I don't take the risk on new EPL players but this is an exception.

Benteke- Bad idea if you're starting him for the DGW. I however am starting him as a long-term option. Not just for the first DGW. Should absolutely dominate again and there's no Bent this time around. Not that he was getting games anyway.

Lambert- Southampton's spot-kick taker should be great again this time around as a consistent, reliable source of points. Should be high on confidence after his goal for England on debut. If he doesn't fire then Chamakh or Aspas are good options.

So thoughts on my team? Discuss yours in the comments below!