Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Player Analysis: Steven Whittaker

What will Whittaker bring to the
table in 13/14?

By the Stats... 
Price:4.0 (will rise soon)
Total Score: 11
Owned by: 13.7%

As the stats read, Whittaker began the season on a very bright note, contributing a goal and an assist in the 2 all stalemate against Everton. He has already been transferred in by nearly 69000 teams, so his price is certainly ready to BOOM! In this analysis I will make certain you know every reason why Whittaker may be the best value option in 2013/14 Fantasy Premier League. 


Last season Whittaker played only 814 minutes, or a little over 9 full games worth of match time. He struggled with an ankle injury, then had a re-occurence of a hip injury which ultimately meant he lacked match fitness and thus took longer than expected to break into the starting eleven. Make no mistake, when Steven is fit, he is certainly a starting eleven player in this Norwich outfit. Whittaker previously played at Rangers, a side he netted a goal for every 7 games on average. Those numbers are up there with any elite back in the Premier league. These numbers from last season, even in a difficult season for himself provide more proof of his attacking potential;

Now these numbers are exceptionally high for any defender. In a difficult season, you'd suspect those numbers to be down on what he could produce in a not so injury prone year. Given that the likes of Leighton Baines and Ashley Cole, two of the most attacking defenders in the game, averaged a shot every 100 and 140 minutes respectively, it must be understood that the 'Minutes Per Attempt' number is quite obviously an extremely important statistic. On Saturday Whittaker's stats read;

Now we have to take into consideration that this was only one game, and these types of numbers don't occur all that often, but in the same breath we must understand exactly what Steven can provide. Also note his general position;

Which is an almost identical position to where Baines averaged last season. All these numbers point to Whittaker having a very positive attacking potential. 


Considering Whittaker's devastatingly low price, his job security and his propensity to get up the field, if you have a transfer that you're willing to use on your defence early, here is the man! For all the reasons I've stated, Steven could be one of the better attacking weapons from the back this year. Considering Norwich should be a mid-table side and provide some clean sheets this campaign (they had 10 clean sheets last year), I think he will be perfect bench fodder with the occasional stint on your field. Reaping an 11 point haul in the first week, expect big things from the Norwich win back this season!

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