Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Teams Round 19 (From a Fantasy Perpective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams

Touch and go, will the Bombers star be back?

North Melbourne
IN: L.Delaney, B.Jacobs
OUT: N.Grima (back), A.Swallow (Achilles)

Jacobs gets his first crack for awhile. Has fantasy potential, so might be worth it in Stadium. Obviously get off Swallow if you have him, an achilles certainly isn't a one week injury!


IN: J.Hunt, J.Bartel, T.West, M.Blicavs
OUT: J.Podsiadly (suspension), D.Simpson (Knee), M.Brown, G.Horlin-Smith

A few big losses and a few big ins! Bartel and the Blics are big ins, still no Christensen though... West should have a dominant role in the ruck, so he may be a potential smoky for Stadium!


IN: S.Coniglio, L.Whitfield
OUT: S.Darley, W.Hoskin-Elliott (concussion)

Not much to report from a Fantasy Football point of view. Maybe Coniglio as an outside chance to dominate against the Dees.


IN: D.Terlich, C.Garland, J.Spencer
OUT: J.Frawley (hamstring), C.Dawes (calf), S.Blease

Terlich is obviously a big in for fantasy. Look to start him in all formats against the Giants! Otherwise like for like replacements, although no Frawley may hurt the chances of shutting down Cameron!


IN: S.Burgoyne
OUT: J.Simpkin

Burgoyne is back to simply add a little class to the line up. Don't think he'll have fantastic numbers though.


IN: L.McGuane, O.Stephenson, D.Astbury
OUT: R.Petterd (groin), T.Vickery (concussion), M.Arnot (back)

Once again not much to report for fantasy. Like for like replacements, although you do feel it'll be harder for the Tiges to pull off the upset given their losses to injury.

West Coast Eagles

IN: D.Glass, B.Sheppard, A.Embley
OUT: M.Brown, C.Masten (ankle), C.Morton

Sheppard and Embley are both under-priced and may be worth a sneaky shot in Stadium Fantasy. Otherwise the loss of Masten will hurt the Eagles, with the Suns having one less form player to worry about. 

Gold Coast Suns

IN: R.Thompson, D.Prestia, D.Swallow, D.Gorringe
OUT: J.Brennan, M.Weller, J.Gillbee, T.Nicholls (knee)

All of these ins could be Stadium relevant. Gorringe is a good pick now given he'll share a lot of the ruck time with Dixon, which should see his numbers jump. Prestia could get off the chain on a big Patterson's ground, so could be a snaky captaincy pick for anyone daring in Stadium!



Nothing to report. Moving along...

IN: H.Ballantyne
OUT: C.Sutcliffe

Big inclusion for the Dockers. Personally think they'll make the Blues look silly, and this is one of the guys who'll make that happen!

Brisbane Lions

IN: P.Hanley, J.O'Brien, R.Harwood
OUT: A.McGrath, B.Moloney (soreness), J.Crisp

Big losses offset by the potential AA inclusion of Hanley. Lock and load for Stadium, as Hanley could well go a double hundred plus type number against the Saints.

St Kilda

IN: D.Roberton, S.Dunell
OUT: J.Gwilt (knee), T.Hickey

Dunnell and Roberton are back. both under-priced in Stadium, so I'd look to get on at least one of those two.

The Sunday Teams

Western Bulldogs

IN: D.Cross, M.Austin, C.Howard, T.Campbell, J.Stringer
OUT: M.Boyd (calf) L.Jones (ankle)

It appears that Matty Boyd's calves are shot. Sad to say, but I think his fantasy relevance could well be over. Think if Howard can avoid the vest, he's a great candidate for Stadium given he can produce anything when on song!

IN: R.Shaw, M.Morton, S.Biggs

Wait for the final release before bringing any of these guys into your Stadium sides.


IN: B.Rutten, J.Petrenko, P.Dangerfield, L.Johnston, M.Grigg, S.Kerridge
OUT: R.Tambling, R.Sloane (eye), J.Jenkins (ankle)

Quite a few big ins for the Crows. Once again wait and see, but Danger in a Showdown type game screams Stadium captain to me. Get on!

Port Adelaide

IN: C.Hitchcock, N.Blee, C.Heath

None are really fantasy relevant, unless Blee can crack a game. Check for finalised teams tomorrow.

IN: L.Ball, Q.Lynch, P.Seedsman

Three major ins. Watch for Seedsman to dismantle Essendon if he can continue in his hot vein of form!


IN: J.Watson, S.Gumbleton, K.Hardingham, N.O'Brien, D.Fletcher
OUT: M.Hurley (ankle), J.Daniher

So Jobe does make it in! They drop one tall forward the Bombers, obviously thinking they were too slow last week! Watch for finalised teams, but O'Brien is a good cheapie in the Stadium platform if he gets a gig!

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