Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stadium Fantasy Preview

The Big Game: Collingwood v Essendon

introducing stadium fantasy sport, afl fantasy sport,

Stadium Fantasy Sport! This is a game which has only been brought out for the beginning of 2013. Already I have grabbed a cool $600 from a win earlier in the year and to be completely honest, if you want to win money in the Fantasy caper, this game is your best bet! It plans to branch out into other codes later down the track, so go on and check it out! Stadium has a unique scoring system which is best explained as Supercoach type scoring without the 3300 cap. If you're like me, and like everything about Supercoach bar that cap, then this is your game from a scoring sense. They create a game for each match in the home and away season, and you can either enter into the free game (with a chance to pocket $100 to $600 depending on the game) or the betting side of it where you go against your mates and places a wager with winner taking all! Without further ado, I'll give you a lowdown on the best paying game of the week!

Collingwood v Essendon
(Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sunday)


This is extremely important when deciding where you will pick the nucleus of your squad from! Who'll win, does not simply mean who'll win, but more to the point who'll have the greater amount of fantasy points. Data shows that the team on the winning side of things, almost exclusively has a higher, on average, points per player, than the opposing side. This is certainly a tough game to predict. Bookies have the Pies favourites, but given the Dons have only had one poor game of recent times, against a premiership contender, I tend to think they should be favoured for this one. Collingwood's form has been far more sketchier, and they're one of the few sides who've had difficulty putting away the Giants. The other item worth noting is the fact that the Bomber's won their Round 5 clash by 40+ points! That being said, it should be a tight and tough contest, and thus a big fantasy difference between the two sides is unlikely to occur.



  • Goddard- just keeps on keeping on. Scores between 100 to 190, depending on the day. I think given the lack of tags and lack of general pressure the Pies have put on recently, Brendon might just be ready for one of those 190 type games.
  • Shaw- had a 203 on them last time around. Been in fantastic form recently and rises to the occasion. Has been left without a tag recently, so decide on whether you think a tag is likely before buying.
  • Hibberd- just like Shaw, had a mega score on the Pies of 160-odd first time round. Michael has also been in awesome form, and has the game to produce high Stadium numbers. Might be a touch unique as well, but should certainly be worthwhile!

  • Swan- Dane has a ridiculous recent record against Essendon, by far his best against any side in the competition. He has averaged over 40 possessions on them in his last 5 matches. Finds it harder to score Stadium points due to his outside game, but if he gets around the 40 mark again, a score of 200+ will not be a surprise.
  • Pendleburry- Star, and if you have the cash don't think twice. One of the best Stadium scorers, Scott regularly gets 200+. Expect a big one this week after a couple of quite ones, had a 162 on them last time round.
  • Grundy- although he made his debut just last week, Brodie looks one of the very few nailed on picks for this week. Given his rookie price, he provides the best value within this game. If he can score 50, let alone the 109 he delivered last week. It'll be a win!

  • Cloke- Travis will be up against Carlisle, a man that he was well beaten by in their previous clash. I sense that Jake has found the going a bit tougher since he's been used in the swing-man role. Trav is a fifty fifty call, but after Jake had no answer for Buddy, Travis is not the opponent you want next. Expect a big day!
  • Daniher- although Joe was well beaten last week. He still has extreme value, and given we want to field a side of stars, finding players with value is important. Has averaged 75, even with last weeks paltry score. If he can score a 75 type, he'll be worth it, but it does depend on your sides structure.
  • Ryder- made his name as a ruckmen a few years back in an ANZAC Day clash. He has been given more of a ruck role, with Bellchambers proving a more than useful forward target. When he's on, big scores occur, so it's a risk worth taking!

Captaincy Options

  • Goddard- suited to this scoring format and given the opposition's inability to defy the opposing teams stars, expect Goddard to run amok
  • Swan- as the points before predicate, Dane loves a match against the red and black. Had a big week last week and it seems as though Hird has no answer for him. Will want to prove his naysayers wrong in a big game as well!
  • Pendleburry- can't really go wrong with Scott. Has been down in his last couple, but when he has a big game, you'd better have him captain! Toss the coin!

Anyway some food for thought when going for the big prize this weekend! $600 on offer for 1st, $300 for 2nd and even a $100 for third. If you nail it, you'll be ecstatic all weekend! Sign up is easy, so enjoy the game, just leave the big prize for me!

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Monday, 29 July 2013

EPL Analysis: Double Gameweek Time

Can Chelsea bring us home the big early points?

So it's been confirmed. The news all fantasy coaches were hoping for! Aston Villa and Chelsea have doubled up in the opening week. This means that instead of you receiving just one allocation of points from their first 90 minute game, you'll instead receive points from 180 potential minutes worth of game time! Wow! In this analysis I'll go through all the potential picks from these two sides. 


Although the simple method would be to load up with as much coverage as possible from these two sides, I'd ask that you proceed with caution. In GW3, no Villa or Chelsea players will in fact play. This means that you could be devastated by big dollars sitting on your bench, not to mention potential zeroes, which would completely wreck your score for that week! Thus look to move your Villa and Chelsea acquisitions out in the GW2/GW3 transfer periods. You must still get players from these two sides, but I wouldn't suggest anymore than 4. 

Aston Villa
(v Arsenal & Chelsea)

The two fixtures that Aston Villa have are far from strong. Two top 4 contenders, it's not hard to see Villa being well beaten in both of these. This is why I suggest looking for attacking options rather than defensive ones. Although they have 2 matches in one Gameweek, the defenders could potentially be pulling up negative scores. 

•Benteke (9.0)

Scored against Chelsea last season. Been in good preseason form, scoring a hat trick recently against Crewe, and was one of the best fantasy players from last season. Comes at a price this time around, but still value when you consider what he produced last year and the double up early. 

Weimann (6.0)

Demanded a place in the starting 11 towards the back end producing a brilliant run of form. Unique as they come, Andreas produced against strong sides as well as weak, producing a double against Man U, as well as scoring against Arsenal and Liverpool. Started the last 13 matches of the season and begun to produce once his role was established. Extreme value and could well repeat his heroics on either of these sides. Has already bagged two this preseason!

(v Aston Villa & Hull City)

That double is as tempting as they come. A big score should be on for most in the squad. There's potential for two clean sheets and a lot of goals. Investment looks a good idea. Just keep in mind that Chelsea are up against champions Manchester United in GW 2, which will be a difficult fixture, especially from a defensive point of view. With that in mind, still proceed with a level of caution.

•Mata (10.5)

Potential negative with Juan is that his national side have a match in Ecuador, only a few days before Chelsea's first match. Mourinho has already stated that he'll be 'very cautious' with players in this position. If not picked by Spain, which is a significant possibility given the quality of opponent, Juan could well be set to deliver in spades!

Hazard (9.5)

Eden is one of the most picked players in the competition, and with good reason. He produced a double figure score in the opening double last season, and more to the point, started on fire! He's been in solid preseason form, and looks a viable captain option this week and throughout the season. 

Cole (6.5)

Ashley has been around for many years. He's always a chance to produce a goal or assist, and given the strength of the back line, he's always a chance for a clean sheet as well. Had 2 goals and 2 assists last season, but that's down on his usual output. Ivanovic and Azpilicueta are also good options, but their job security is more shaky at this stage.

Lukaku (8.0)

This selection depends a lot on the transfer period. Lukaku was dominant last season at West Brom, and if Jose can't find a better striking option, Lukaku will be starting. Jose has said that Romelu has the ability 'to lead the line'. So at this stage he is a wait and see proposition, but he certainly has the potential to devastate both defensive opponents in the opening fixtures.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Teams Round 18 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams

Matty B is back for some fantasy action

IN: H.Hocking, B.Howlett, D.Zaharakis, T.Pears, J.Daniher
OUT: N.Lovett-Murray, N.O'Brien, S.Crameri (ankle), J.Merrett, D.Fletcher (back)

A few big names in, a few big names out for the Dons. Daniher finally gets another game, and will be a good option in Stadium at his rookie price. Zaha and Howlett may both wear the vest at some stage during the night given their lack of match fitness at the moment. Crameri and Dustin are big losses for the Dons, which certainly offset the big inclusions.

IN:  S.Mitchell, L.Franklin
OUT:  K.Cheney, W.Langford

Two very big inclusions for the Hawks. Buddy has terrorised the Dons in the past, and might be a sneaky captaincy option in Stadium!

Gold Coast
IN: C.Dixon
OUT: J. Hall

Hall was in good form, but sadly was dropped for Dixon, who is currently higher up the pecking order. Expect a slow start from Charlie as he begins to find his feet again.

IN: M.Robinson, J.Bootsma
OUT: J.Cachia, A.McInnes (groin)

Robbo back is the main name of note. Smashed the VFL match last week, racking up 33 touches. Might be a good option in Stadium, as he can produce when he is up and running!

IN: C.Pederson
OUT: C.Garland (ankle)

Not much to analyse here. Losing Garland is a big loss, and if anything will make the Dees defence even more incompetent.

North Melbourne
IN: C.Delaney
OUT: S.McMahon

McMahon continues to get dropped through this form slump. Delaney gets his chance, but he isn't relevant in any fantasy competition.

IN: H.O'Brien, N.Brown, J.Blair. B.Grundy
OUT: A.Krakouer, B.Hudson (calf), P.Seedsman (calf), C.Mooney

Harry O is finally back! Grundy gets his first game, and should be locked in peoples Stadium sides as the only solid rookie option. Might get a few matches as well, considering Hudson has suffered the classic old man's injury. All like for like replacement, with the major loss being Seedsman's fantastic run from the wing.

IN: T.Scully, A.Kennedy
OUT: G.Ugle, L.Whitfield

Scully back is a huge inclusion. Has had severely underrated form considering the role he is performing. Keep on your Stadium radars!

IN: S.JohnsonT.Hunt, N.Vardy, M.Brown, G.Horlin-Smith
OUT: J.Bartel (suspension), J.Hunt (shin), J.Stringer (knee), J.Murdoch, M.Blicavs (rested)

The Blics finally gets a rest, having produced very well throughout the season. SJ is obviously the main inclusion, but he does find the Saints a difficult opponent. Vardy may well shine in this game, has all the ability just needs to get lucky with the body. Solid Stadium choice! 

St Kilda
IN: J.Geary, A.Siposs
OUT: T.Dennis-Lane, R.Stanley

Not much to report from these changes. Based on form, although Geary has fantasy ability so he is another potentially unique selection that could send you on your way to some cash in the Stadium platform.

IN: A.Sandilands, N.Suban, M.Taberner
OUT: A.Silvagni, J.Hannath, T.Sheridan

Sandi back, although needs a few more weeks to find his feet so I'd avoid. Taberner comes in, and will play the tall forward role that Silvagni played the week before.

IN: S.McKernan, K.Hartigan
OUT: B.Rutten (shoulder), M.Grigg

Grigg straight out, but another debutant in. I must admit to not knowing much about Hartigan, so watch closely.

The Sunday Teams

Port Adelaide
IN: K.Cornes, D.Cassisi, M.Thomas, N.Blee, J.Hombsch
OUT: T.Jonas (suspension), J.Neade (rested)

Kane and Dom are major inclusions this week. Expect Kane to continue on in his spectacular ways. An outside chance for the captaincy in Stadium this week!

IN: M.Golby, B.Moloney, J.Brown, J.Crisp
OUT: P.Hanley

Very big ins for the Lions. Note that the Moloney inclusion could well mean the end for Rockliff's 100% midfield role. Golby is the like for like replacement for Hanley. The side has strengthen nonetheless, expect a strong performance at AAMI from the Lions.

Western Bulldogs
IN: M.Boyd, M.Austin, C.Howard, J.Stringer, T.Young
OUT: B.Goodes (arm), N.Hrovat (soreness)

Goodes is the major loss from the weekend. Boyd is the big fantasy inclusion of the week and expect him to hit the ground running. solid choice for your Stadium captain as well this week. Otherwise watch for finalized teams.

West Coast
IN: S.Butler, A.HamsM.Rosa, S.Selwood, B.Sheppard, S.Lycett, B.Wilson, F.McInnes
OUT: D.Glass (soreness), A.Selwood, M.LeCras (foot), N.Naitanui (soreness), L.Shuey (hamstring)

A mass of change for the Eagles! Scooter is a big in! The question is what will Cox produce now that Nic Nat is out of the side? Once again check for final teams before making any key decisions for this one.

IN: M.Morton, X.Richards, S.Biggs
OUT: None

Not much to say here. Doubt there'll be any changes from the Swans side that dismantled West Coast last week.

IN: S.Tuck, L.McGuane, S.Lonergan, D.Astbury
OUT: J.King (hamstring)

King is a major out given the opposition and the role he provides. Tuck might be a good solid unique option if he makes the cut!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

EPL Preseason

Liverpool Training Session
Coutinho takes an early shower

The excitement grew with every step towards the G. The Reds supporters, chanted as they walked towards the historic ground, drenched in their scarves and jerseys of this 121 year old club. It was quite easy to get a little carried away, considering we were about to witness the likes of Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, Phillippe Coutinho and Kolo Toure do what they do best. The chants grew to a raucous as the players jogged out onto the hallowed turf, turning to clap the stadium of Red supporters. The training slowly begun as the players took part in several drills. The session lasted roughly 90 minutes and the main drill was a mini match, with less than half the pitch used.

Player Analysis

  • Phillippe Coutinho

The noteworthy point from the session, Coutinho didn't train with the main group. It appeared he had a slight issue, but nothing too hazardous, as he still did some solid quick sprints and the like. He stayed out there for about 15 minutes before he went in for an early shower. So don’t be too worried, looks like a bit of management at this stage. Note; reports on the Liverpool twitter page revealed it was a slight calf ailment. 

  • Luis Suarez

Luis was moving well, looked to be in good form. Missed a couple of easy shots in the mini match, but otherwise looked the goods. Very, very doubtful he'll remain a Red, but depending on where he ends up, he could still be extremely relevant this season!

  • Kolo Toure

    Looked like he had already been well and truly welcomed into the squad. Was moving well, and could well play a part in the season ahead, given the depth in the defence is far from strong.

  • Simon Mignolet

    Mignolet made a couple of strong saves during the mini match. An extremely important factor for a goalkeeper is confidence, and Simon seemed to have it in spades. Given Reina's departure, he is now well and truly number 1, so he must be considered.

  • Iago Aspas

    Iago had some incredible touches in the mini match. Will be someone who can do the inspiring, if yesterdays session was anything to go by. If he leads the line in Gameweek 1, he'll be very hard to leave out of any fantasy football side.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you all enjoy the match tonight, should be a cracker! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Unique Men

Ricky Henderson
Less than 1.5% of Fantasy sides in
all comps are enjoying this star
By the Stats...
Stadium Fantasy Sport - 114ppg, $655,000, High (215.5), Low (25.5), Last 5- 134.2
AFL DT- 78.36ppg, $391,000, High (133), Low (13), Last 5-89.2, Owned by 2.26% 
AFL SC- 99ppg, $419,500, High (160), Low (16), Last 5-93.6, Owned by 1.18%

Position: (Def/Fwd)

Well a pick like this would certainly be as left field as it gets. Ricky Henderson, pick 10 in the 2009 Rookie Draft, previously played basketball before making a late run at football. He's always been a work in progress, but now at the age of 24, and with 65 games of AFL football behind him, Henderson is starting to perform at a level which not many suspected he could. He begun the season in his usual steady form, not setting the world on fire and being a bottom end type player of the 22. He was then injured in the Round 5 match against the Blues and finally battled his way back into senior contention by Round 11. Since the bye, Ricky has been played in a role off half back, rebounding as he plays on the oppositions third tall forward. Similar to the role that recently retired Graham Johncock use to play at stages. Since this positional move, his scores have increased dramatically (AFL DT/AFL SC);

105/101 v Gold Coast
89/85 v West Coast
106/106 v Collingwood 
133/160 v Geelong

Average: 108.25/113

That is a big average indeed. If he kept pulling out those numbers, he'd rival the likes of Goddard and Stevie J as best for their respective positions. In all likelihood, an average of 95~/100~ will be a much greater expected average from here on in. These numbers are still massive for their positions! When you take out the subbed scores of 38 v Carlton (injured) and 13 v Richmond, his overall average for the season becomes 90/93. These are fantastic numbers, and prove that with Ricky's reasonably low price at this moment, he shows tremendous value. His run home is as follows;

Freo @ Patterson's
Port Adelaide @ AAMI
North Melbourne @AAMI
Western Bulldogs @ Etihad
Melbourne @ AAMI 
West Coast @ Patterson's

This is not a fantastic run by any means, but nor is it dreadful, thus don't be too concerned by it. The issue with Henderson is not so much the opposition (because he has produced well on both quality and poor sides), but more so whether he can keep the form that he has displayed over the last 4 weeks. This is certainly a risky selection, but the dividends could be massive. When you factor in that he is averaging 90+ numbers in both major fantasy competitions, if you discount the subbed affairs, you should be able to back Ricky with a fair amount of confidence. With a new role, extremely good form and Adelaide still pushing for finals, I think Ricky could be a fantastic option for the rest of the season!

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Looking to the Future

Geelong, Gold Coast Correlation and Expectations
The Suns and Cats, may well be quite similar...


In 2007 the Cats became the established premiership contenders that they're today. A well known story among most footy fans, the Cats had an in-house analysis of themselves. The results weren't pretty. From then on they became a force to behold. They clinically dismantled Richmond in that weekends game and went on to win the premiership by the greatest recorded margin. Simple really! But what's this got to do with fantasy? Or Gold Coast for that matter? 

2007 wasn't quite like any year I've been involved in any of the fantasy competitions. That year, due to Geelong's progression as a side, and with so many breakouts occurring within the one year, the fantasy scores from the Cats were never seen before. Having a side with 8+ cats at any stage of that year would've been a side to reckon with. Bartel went from an average of (AFL DT) 98 to 114 (best scorer in the league by some distance), Stevie J 67 to 94, Corey 89 to 104, Mackie 69 to 83, Stokes 77 to 88! In those days especially, these types of averages were all top of the tree! What these scores predicate is that when a side goes from an also run, to a premiership contender, many of their players averages will jump substantially. It can also be thought of the other way around, the players scores are greater and thus the side is a premiership chance. Either way it doesn't really matter. the crux of it is, when you jump from one bracket to the next you'll see improvements in scores.

Gold Coast

As we saw on the weekend, Gold Coast are no longer easy beats. Collingwood were down, but not to the extent that they wouldn't have beaten a lot of sides in the competition. The Suns, led by the great bald man, are beginning to make heads turn. Statistically speaking, break outs occur from seasons 4 to 6 with more regularity than any other band if seasons for a footballer. With that in mind, we must use these types of facts to our benefit. Gold Coast will be entering their 4th season of football in 2014. They've been steadily developing. More importantly, they've got rolled gold stars in their ranks, beginning to gain the needed exposure to the elite level. With this in mind it then becomes a decision of how far you see Gold Coast going in 2014. They're an unknown quantity, expansion teams in the past haven't begun their progression with such faith in draft picks. One thing is perfectly obvious, they're on the improve. This is what me must take from it;

  • Across the board averages should improve as the team does
  • They have the caliber of player in their side to contend for the premiership

What does this all mean?

Obviously I don't have a crystal ball. Predicting the future is what the fantasy game is built on, and what a lot of life is built on, and if we could all do it their wouldn't be too much point to much at all. Loading up on Suns in 2014 will be a risky strategy, because you'll need improvement. But to win prizes, people who're risk adverse are unlikely to be in contention. Personally, with the addition of a previous AA player in Nathan Bock and the much publicized O'Meara v2.0 in Jack Martin, I think this group can go very far indeed. In 2014, I think they can contend for the top 4, with a view to winning the premiership in 2015. Thus, I'll be looking to start as many Suns as feasibly possible in 2014. A few names to consider for 2014 off the top of my head include;  Bennell, Dixon, Matera, Prestia, Swallow, Ablett, Martin and I'm certain a couple more will prove themselves before Round 1. Anyway it's a wait and see proposition at this stage. Gold Coast are on the up, so just make sure you have a lot of GC cover for when they take the next step! 

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Unique Men

Brad Ebert
Just Look at those Numbers!
By The Stats...
Stadium Fantasy Sport - 112.6ppg, $728,300, High (190.5), Low (79.5), Last 5- 137.9
AFL DT- 102.53ppg, $532,900, High (137), Low (72), Last 5-118.2, Owned by 2.68%, Break 
AFL SC- 99ppg, $531,400, High (130), Low (69), Last 5-11.2, Owned by 0.84%, Break 
AFL Sportal- 122.73ppg, $474,100, High (159), Low (96), Last 5-139.4, Owned by 1.79%

Brad Ebert, pick 13 in the 2007 draft, landed himself at West Coast. The son of Craig Ebert, a former Port Adelaide Star, Brad soon sort a trade, packed his bags and was back in his families much loved colours. At 23, Ebert is beginning to hit his prime as a footballer. A hard running midfielder who can win the ball both inside and out, Ebert has established himself as a leader of the much improved port midfield. After an astonishing debut season with the Power which saw him average 26.4 disposals, Brad has begun to go past last seasons outstanding form!

One thing that a selection like this immediately grabs is uniqueness. Owned by a ridiculously low amounts of teams in all competitions, if this pick goes boom, your ranking will as well! Now Ebert is someone who has disposal efficiency issues, so I wouldn't recommend him for a pick in Supercoach. Anyway his numbers over the past five weeks (post bye) have been nothing short of outstanding! Take a look at this (DT/Stadium);

118/163 v GWS
114/105 v Sydney
137/190 v Pies
135/129 v Essendon
87/100 v Hawks

These numbers are phenomenal, totaling out to a 118.2/137.9 average! Those are premium numbers anyway you look at it! Especially when you take into account this article, which shows that sides such as Collingwood and Essendon are rated among the hardest to score against! The other things to note with Ebert is that he will always avoid the tag. In a midfield that hosts Boak and Hartlett, having a potentially ineffective Ebert running around loose doesn't worry the opposing coaches too much. This is vital when deciding whether or not Ebert is a good pick up. The other factor to consider is Port Adelaide's mouth watering draw to home;

Brisbane @ AAMI
Adelaide @ AAMI
Geelong @ Simmonds
Fremantle @ Pattersons
Carlton @ AAMI 

That is a very nice draw indeed! There are 2 difficult matches, but given the type of player Ebert is, he could score just as well on them as any of the others. With this considered, four home matches and two away, the draw gives him a solid base to continue on with his mid 110's! He is certainly pricey at this stage, but if you have the money, or want to sideways an under performer, Ebert is the man. Consistent, durable, breaking out and with a handy run of fixtures, I think Ebert can continue his 115+/135+ type scoring and provided an Über premium in the middle of the park, with an Über uniqueness to go with it! Can't wait to see how he goes tonight!

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Player Analysis: Robin Van Persie

You certainly feel a lot calmer with RVP

By The Stats...
Price: 14.0
Average per 90 minutes: 7.58
Bonus Points: 49
Goals: 26
Assists: 15
Games: 38
Total Minutes: 3123 (34.7 full games)
Owned By: 34.9%

Look at those stats! The one that really stands out is the average per 90 minutes! That number is simply ridiculous, getting a 7 each week as a captaincy score would be greatly appreciated. The Man United man is still in his prime, turning 30 in August. Playing for the club which came off a premiership demolition, Robin Van Persie looks like he will be able to do it all over again this time around! The major issue is his astoundingly high price. 14 million is the highest priced player I can ever recall. Not since the days of Ronaldo, Lampard (in his peak) and Gerrard (in his peak), has anyone come close to this price. With good reason it must be said, RVP demands every cent of his new found tag. But should we pay that much? It's nearly a huge 10% chunk out of your total budget...

Reason to Start with RVP

  • Lock in captain, as he scores against quality opposition as well as weak
  • Will be difficult to bring in later on in the season given his price tag
  • Scored the most points last season
  • Started last seasons strongly
  • Plays week in, week out
  • Owned by over a third of the competition, meaning he is one of the most picked players
As we can see by this list, the reasons for picking Van Persie are strong indeed. His opening fixture list isn't too kind (Swansea, CHELSEA, Liverpool, CRYSTAL PALACE, Man city), but as I mentioned above, Robin scores on whoever he comes up against, as he only needs a split second to find the back of the net with that lethal left peg. Still in his prime, his role will not change and expect a similar output from RVP this season!

Reasons to Not Start with RVP
  • Extremely expensive
  • Will Man United be as dominant as last term?
  • Difficult early fixture list
Well I think that about says it. There are significantly fewer arguments to not pick Van Persie. Nonetheless, given his extreme expense, might we find better value for money somewhere else? If a Sergio Aguero-type can return to his form of previous seasons, the difference between these two mightn't be as devastating. It all depends on how you assess the field, and thus if you think someone comes close to RVP this season, it might be worth by passing him.


When I first begun this article I was considering leaving RVP out. I thought the pricing was simply far too high! After writing this article my thoughts have certainly changed. The beauty with RVP is you can nail him on as your captain every week and simply watch the points flow through. I think he'll provide a season similar to last, and given I don't think anyone can come close to those heroics he is a must buy. If you don't have him at the moment, I'd certainly consider downgrading in a few places, because without Van Persie, you might lose connection with the RVP owners very quickly!

Anyway what are your thoughts on Van Persie? If you're thinking of playing Fantasy Premier League, please join the FPL Dreamers FB Page HERE, where we will discuss everything regarding fantasy football.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Fixture Analysis

Finding the Dream Run can lead to a League Championship!

Like the picture above says, finding a team of players who have a strong fixture lists can be the difference between being Champion and an also run. Through this article, I'll go through the must have draws and the difficult draws that sides have. This must be keenly focused on once selecting your actual squad, as like I said, you don't want to have Arsenal, LIVERPOOL and Chelsea first up *cough*Aston Villa*cough*!

The Must Have Draws From Gameweek 1 to 5 
(Note- CAPS teams are at home, lower case are away)

Run: ASTON VILLA, Fulham, TOTTENHAM, Sunderland, STOKE

That is a phenomenal fixture run over the first five weeks, only playing one opponent which is certain to finish in the top half of the table. In fact, the Gunners first 9 weeks are very strong with matches at home to Norwich and trips to Palace and West Brom. Given Arsenal's record as the second best defensive side in the league last year, and with a record of 8 wins/2 draws over their last 10 last season, expect the Gunners to be flying early on. Investment all over the park seems a good decision!

Man City

Look at those opening 3 fixtures! I don't know about you, but that makes me a tad excited! Stoke is a difficult trip away from home, but still quite a good chance for a clean sheet, given Stoke's difficulty with finding the back of the net. The Man U game will be difficult, but expect goals galore if recent seasons are anything to go on, and as a byproduct the likes of Sergio Aguero and David Silva seem very likely fantasy options! Heavy investment in last seasons runners up is a must!

Run: STOKE, Aston villa, MAN UNITED, Swansea, SOUTHAMPTON

This draw looks very strong the Gerrard-led Reds. Man United appears the only stumbling block, and they do have a strong first seven gameweeks which includes Palace at home. Given Liverpool began to show something in the latter stages of last season, with players such as Coutinho and Sturridge proving fantastic acquisitions, investment in attacking minded players might be a good option. This firms the chances of recent signing Iago Aspas' landing a gig in our starting squads.

West Ham

Run: CARDIFF, Newcastle, STOKE, Southampton, EVERTON

West Ham's opening fixtures look very promising. In GW6 they travel to Hull, so that should be added into the frame. A fantastic opening fixture against Cardiff should allow players like Carrol, Nolan and Jarvis to dominate for an affordable price. Keep tabs on a cheap defensive player from the Hammers, as this could also be a wise get for the first 6GW's!


Run: West brom, SUNDERLAND, Norwich, WEST HAM, Liverpool, CRYSTAL PALACE

That run is exactly what we need. Southampton, a free flowing football team who, at times can score for fun, as Liverpool found out last season. Investment in attacking options should well be considered, but given their opposition and the price of their defensive options, wing backs like Clyne and Shaw should prove to be fantastic options as well!

Run: HULL CITY, Manchester united, ASTON VILLA, Everton, FULHAM

Given the expectations that surround Chelsea this time around with 'The Chosen One' back at the helm, expect all 3 home games to produce major points in all departments. Trips to Everton and Man U should prove difficult, although from an attacking point of view, points should still be on offer. Load up on your Mata's, Hazard's and whoever eventually becomes the nailed on striker. Defensively, given their opposition and the amount of money you'll have to spend, I doubt there is much worth in loading up in that area at this stage. Note that the Villa game will be moved, so be aware as to when it is, as there'll be a double gameweek at some stage!

The Difficult Draws From Gameweek 1 to 5

Manchester United
Run: Swansea, CHELSEA, Liverpool, CRYSTAL PALACE, Man city

That's a very difficult run to begin David Moyes rein. A trip to Swansea, home opposed to the Mourinho managed Chelsea, Liverpool away and Crystal Palace at home, not to mention the big derby the following week. I think from an attacking point of view, this fixture list isn't too bad, and expect RVP to still be his dominant self. Don't look to defensive acquisitions though, as there is only one strong fixture in the first five!

Aston Villa

Run: Arsenal, LIVERPOOL, Chelsea, NEWCASTLE, Norwich

I mentioned it before, but look at that first three matches. Ridiculous stuff! Villa after those opening three, start to look okay, but they will be hit defensively and they'll find it difficult to score at the other end. If you like a Villa player, look at bringing him around GW4, when the fixture list opens up dramatically!


Run: MAN UNITED, Tottenham, West brom, LIVERPOOL, Crystal Palace

This is another excessively difficult run. Only 2 at home. Both of which are against top 4 contenders. An away fixture to Tottenham. As much as we have enjoyed our Swansea players in the past, I think waiting to GW5 may well be a wise decision. Players like Michu and Bony may still be worthy starters, but I'd definitely not consider any defensive options at this stage for the Laudrup managed side.



The newly promoted Cardiff could hardly have received a more difficult run early on. Those three home fixtures are against sides competing for the 4. Although nearly all options will be cheap early days, I think we should wait and see on who is most likely to be producing from an offensive end. Defensively their work will be cut out for them all season, but expect them to ship them out by the handful through this run. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Run: Liverpool, CRYSTAL PALACE, West ham, MAN CITY, Arsenal

Stoke have been the type of club which you can usually bank on a clean sheet from, especially at home. With a new manager, and a new direction, this may well change. Nonetheless they aren't worthy of selection with this opening draw. Only the one promising fixture (in GW2) from the first five is the major issue. Players like Adam, Walters and Crouch will also likely find this a tough period. Staying away from Stoke at this stage seems like a solid option!

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Teams Round 17 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams
Season goes from Bad to Worse for Buddy

North Melbourne
IN: S.McMahon , L.Thomas
OUT: M.Firrito, L.Greenwood

Greenwood is a big out for all those considering him, as he was showing good value. Lindsay Thomas is back as predicted, after a week out, expect him to shine.


Much of a muchness at the Blues. Nothing to report here, other than read my article on the best paying match of the round by Stadium HERE!

IN: W.Langford
OUT: S.Burgoyne (suspension)

Will Langford will make his debut for the Hawks. Watch him closely, has been on the list for what feels like a lifetime. Good option in Stadium, especially if he can avoid the vest!

Western Bulldogs
IN: J.Macrae
OUT: C.Smith (knee)

Macrae back in the side is only a positive. looks great and someone that we'll all have in the future I'd suspect. A shame that Clay has done his ACL, best of luck to him coming back.

Gold Coast
IN: M.Weller, A.Sexton
Out: T.Murphy, D.Swallow (knee)

 Dave Swallow is a big loss off the half back flank for the Suns. Expect Weller to attempt to take up the slack. Given he is value, if you back him in to produce ina similar vein to Swallow, he is a no brainer selection in Stadium Fantasy!

IN: T.Goldsack, C.Mooney
Out: C.Young (hamstring), J.Blair (calf)

Mooney a straight in for the hamstrung Young. Expect the young Irish men to begin in the evst, ruling him out from a Stadium point of view. Good to see Goldsack back, but expect him to take a while to find his feet!

IN: D.Brogan, T.Adams, A.Tomlinson, G.Ugle, M.Whiley, Z.Williams, T.Greene
Out: S.O'hAilpin, R.Palmer (foot), W.Hoskin-Elliott, D.Tyson, S.Edwards, A.Corr, J.O'Rourke

Wow look at that number of outs. Ludicrous! The list is quite irrelevant though, with maybe Tyson, O'hAilpin and WHE showing some sort of potential in Stadium. Shouldn't disrupt many fantasy teams nonetheless.

IN:  N.Lovett-Murray, L.Jetta, C.Dell'Olio, S.Crameri
OUT: J.Winderlich (soreness), B.Howlett, D.Zaharakis (back), T.Pears (rested)

Winderlich straight out after his massive game last week is a sad site. Howlett, Zaha and Pears are other major exclusions! Crameri and NLM are the only name inclusions. Shouldn't matter though, as they'll still account for the Giants easily!

IN: T.Simpkin, J.Webster, T.Curren
Out: J.Geary (leg), T.Milera, B.Murdoch

The Saints are certainly rebuilding! look at the pricing of Curren, as he may avoid the vest and be aworthy acquisition to any Stadium side.

Port Adelaide
IN: J.Westhoff, K.Mitchell, S.Colquhoun
Out: K.Cornes (suspended), T.Logan, M.Thomas

The Hoff is back from suspension and expect him to wreak havoc on the Saints backline. He'll be looking to repay everyone from Port who he let down. Kitchell is the likely sub, and whoever avoids it out of Kitchell and Colquhoun, get on in Stadium!

IN: J.Viney
OUT: D.Nicholson

Viney back for the Dees, which is a plus! Likely to start in the vest, so just watch out if you plan on picking him in Stadium Fantasy, or if you still have him on your bench in the other competitions.

IN: E. Yeo
OUT: J.Polkinghorne

Check to see whether Yeo gets the vest or not. If not, he might be in for a good day, especially at his price. consider for Stadium Fantasy!

The Sunday Teams

IN:In: S. Tuck, S.Lonergan, B.Houli
OUT: -

Houli the only certainty for that lot. Not much to report otherwise, check Friday sides for confirmations.

IN: P. Duffield, J.Hannath, J.Crichton, L.Neale, M.Taberner
OUT: M.Pavlich (suspended), H.Ballantyne (hamstring)

2 Major outs for the Dockers. Hannath will come straight in and take Pav's deep forward role. Neale is a likely type to fill in Ballantyne's small boots. Check back for finalised teams, but i think neale might be the sub if named!

IN: R.Tambling, I.Callinan, L.Thompson, M.Grigg, S.Kerridge
OUT: M.Jaensch, P.Dangerfield (shoulder)

Danger out will obviously hurt the Crows chances against the Geelong boys. Will be interesting to see final teams, if named, watch Mitch Grigg closely. Has a booming kick and has been doing well in the ressies! 

IN: J.Corey, C.Enright, M.Stokes, N.Vardy
OUT: S.Johnson (Suspension)

We all knew Stevie J was gone. Christensen still missing but otherwise, the inclusions are massive. Enright and Stokes the only certainties from that list to force their way back into the 22.

West Coast
IN: A.Selwood, S.Wellingham, L.Shuey, B.Wilson
OUT: A.Embley (suspended)

Sharrod is finally back. Expect him to be the sub. Otherwise watch for final teams, although all of those inclusions should be playing. Wilson is still good value in Stadium!

IN: M.Morton, H.Cunningham, X.Richards, D.Towers
OUT: B.McGlynn (suspended)

Towers is apparently some chance to debut! If named, expect him to be the sub, but nonetheless he might be a worthy acquisition in Stadium. Expect Morton to come straight in and play McGlynn's role.

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