Saturday, 20 July 2013

Player Analysis: Robin Van Persie

You certainly feel a lot calmer with RVP

By The Stats...
Price: 14.0
Average per 90 minutes: 7.58
Bonus Points: 49
Goals: 26
Assists: 15
Games: 38
Total Minutes: 3123 (34.7 full games)
Owned By: 34.9%

Look at those stats! The one that really stands out is the average per 90 minutes! That number is simply ridiculous, getting a 7 each week as a captaincy score would be greatly appreciated. The Man United man is still in his prime, turning 30 in August. Playing for the club which came off a premiership demolition, Robin Van Persie looks like he will be able to do it all over again this time around! The major issue is his astoundingly high price. 14 million is the highest priced player I can ever recall. Not since the days of Ronaldo, Lampard (in his peak) and Gerrard (in his peak), has anyone come close to this price. With good reason it must be said, RVP demands every cent of his new found tag. But should we pay that much? It's nearly a huge 10% chunk out of your total budget...

Reason to Start with RVP

  • Lock in captain, as he scores against quality opposition as well as weak
  • Will be difficult to bring in later on in the season given his price tag
  • Scored the most points last season
  • Started last seasons strongly
  • Plays week in, week out
  • Owned by over a third of the competition, meaning he is one of the most picked players
As we can see by this list, the reasons for picking Van Persie are strong indeed. His opening fixture list isn't too kind (Swansea, CHELSEA, Liverpool, CRYSTAL PALACE, Man city), but as I mentioned above, Robin scores on whoever he comes up against, as he only needs a split second to find the back of the net with that lethal left peg. Still in his prime, his role will not change and expect a similar output from RVP this season!

Reasons to Not Start with RVP
  • Extremely expensive
  • Will Man United be as dominant as last term?
  • Difficult early fixture list
Well I think that about says it. There are significantly fewer arguments to not pick Van Persie. Nonetheless, given his extreme expense, might we find better value for money somewhere else? If a Sergio Aguero-type can return to his form of previous seasons, the difference between these two mightn't be as devastating. It all depends on how you assess the field, and thus if you think someone comes close to RVP this season, it might be worth by passing him.


When I first begun this article I was considering leaving RVP out. I thought the pricing was simply far too high! After writing this article my thoughts have certainly changed. The beauty with RVP is you can nail him on as your captain every week and simply watch the points flow through. I think he'll provide a season similar to last, and given I don't think anyone can come close to those heroics he is a must buy. If you don't have him at the moment, I'd certainly consider downgrading in a few places, because without Van Persie, you might lose connection with the RVP owners very quickly!

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