Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Unique Men

Brad Ebert
Just Look at those Numbers!
By The Stats...
Stadium Fantasy Sport - 112.6ppg, $728,300, High (190.5), Low (79.5), Last 5- 137.9
AFL DT- 102.53ppg, $532,900, High (137), Low (72), Last 5-118.2, Owned by 2.68%, Break 
AFL SC- 99ppg, $531,400, High (130), Low (69), Last 5-11.2, Owned by 0.84%, Break 
AFL Sportal- 122.73ppg, $474,100, High (159), Low (96), Last 5-139.4, Owned by 1.79%

Brad Ebert, pick 13 in the 2007 draft, landed himself at West Coast. The son of Craig Ebert, a former Port Adelaide Star, Brad soon sort a trade, packed his bags and was back in his families much loved colours. At 23, Ebert is beginning to hit his prime as a footballer. A hard running midfielder who can win the ball both inside and out, Ebert has established himself as a leader of the much improved port midfield. After an astonishing debut season with the Power which saw him average 26.4 disposals, Brad has begun to go past last seasons outstanding form!

One thing that a selection like this immediately grabs is uniqueness. Owned by a ridiculously low amounts of teams in all competitions, if this pick goes boom, your ranking will as well! Now Ebert is someone who has disposal efficiency issues, so I wouldn't recommend him for a pick in Supercoach. Anyway his numbers over the past five weeks (post bye) have been nothing short of outstanding! Take a look at this (DT/Stadium);

118/163 v GWS
114/105 v Sydney
137/190 v Pies
135/129 v Essendon
87/100 v Hawks

These numbers are phenomenal, totaling out to a 118.2/137.9 average! Those are premium numbers anyway you look at it! Especially when you take into account this article, which shows that sides such as Collingwood and Essendon are rated among the hardest to score against! The other things to note with Ebert is that he will always avoid the tag. In a midfield that hosts Boak and Hartlett, having a potentially ineffective Ebert running around loose doesn't worry the opposing coaches too much. This is vital when deciding whether or not Ebert is a good pick up. The other factor to consider is Port Adelaide's mouth watering draw to home;

Brisbane @ AAMI
Adelaide @ AAMI
Geelong @ Simmonds
Fremantle @ Pattersons
Carlton @ AAMI 

That is a very nice draw indeed! There are 2 difficult matches, but given the type of player Ebert is, he could score just as well on them as any of the others. With this considered, four home matches and two away, the draw gives him a solid base to continue on with his mid 110's! He is certainly pricey at this stage, but if you have the money, or want to sideways an under performer, Ebert is the man. Consistent, durable, breaking out and with a handy run of fixtures, I think Ebert can continue his 115+/135+ type scoring and provided an Über premium in the middle of the park, with an Über uniqueness to go with it! Can't wait to see how he goes tonight!

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