Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fantasy Premier League: A Quick Look at the Game

The Official Fantasy Premier League Game
The Offical Fantasy Premier League game (or FPL) has been recently released, much to the relief of EPL addicts across the world! Last season the FPL game had roughly 2.5 million participants, the most participated fantasy football game on planet earth. Without further ado, I'll give you a brief lowdown on how the game works, and how we can get the best out of our respective sides.

The Scoring Format

Quite self explanatory really. Unlike AFL DT, if you're scoring a total of 100 points in this game, you are well and truly up there with the top guns. The only point scoring item not on the list above, is the contentious "Bonus Points'. In simple terms, Bonus Points are incredibly hard to predict. They're given to the 3 best performed players (going 3,2,1 in order) which is analysed over statistics such as percentage of passes completed and the like. Personally, I believe you can't really worry about them too much because the nature in which they have been given out is simply too unpredictable!

How Trading Works?

It's quite simple. You have one trade per week. If you decide to save that trade (or transfer), you'll have 2 for the next week, but that is as high as you can get. If you exceed any of these rules, and make 3 transfers when you only have 2, you'll get a -4, so points deducted from your total score. So proceed with caution. We'll also have 2 wildcards, which allow you to flip your entire squad over within the season, but these will be explained at a later date.

How Players Value Changes?

Liverpool paid a steep price to acquire Andy Carroll from Newcastle, but had little choice after losing Fernando Torres to Chelsea.
Is he really worth that much?

Unlike many other fantasy games, the value of a player changes after a certain number of fantasy players purchase this player within a certain amount of time. This makes the game more difficult, as choosing who you want, when you want has to be decided early in the week, or later to game day (with a loss of coin, but less risk). When players are about to have Double Gameweeks (Teams which have 2 matches within a particular gameweek), jump on because even if they don't score well, least you should see a decent price rise due to all the like minded folk!

How to Play the Game?

Of course this isn't simply a  straight forward answer and there are many concepts to consider when devising your strategy for the season ahead. The tried and true strategy nonetheless, is to trade early, maybe even taking a points hit, but getting on players who'll make you money and create a strong value for your side. With that in mind, you can attempt to create a large value so that by seasons end, you'll have a team full of stars! Another issue which is quite prevalent in EPL Fantasy is getting on players who have strong runs. Having a quick look at the fixture, sides such as Arsenal, Man City, Southampton and Chelsea have strong openings to the season.

Anyway more will be discussed as we gain pace to the start of the season! If you're thinking of playing this game, please join the FPL Dreamers FB Page HERE, where we will discuss everything regarding fantasy football.

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