Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Teams Round 18 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams

Matty B is back for some fantasy action

IN: H.Hocking, B.Howlett, D.Zaharakis, T.Pears, J.Daniher
OUT: N.Lovett-Murray, N.O'Brien, S.Crameri (ankle), J.Merrett, D.Fletcher (back)

A few big names in, a few big names out for the Dons. Daniher finally gets another game, and will be a good option in Stadium at his rookie price. Zaha and Howlett may both wear the vest at some stage during the night given their lack of match fitness at the moment. Crameri and Dustin are big losses for the Dons, which certainly offset the big inclusions.

IN:  S.Mitchell, L.Franklin
OUT:  K.Cheney, W.Langford

Two very big inclusions for the Hawks. Buddy has terrorised the Dons in the past, and might be a sneaky captaincy option in Stadium!

Gold Coast
IN: C.Dixon
OUT: J. Hall

Hall was in good form, but sadly was dropped for Dixon, who is currently higher up the pecking order. Expect a slow start from Charlie as he begins to find his feet again.

IN: M.Robinson, J.Bootsma
OUT: J.Cachia, A.McInnes (groin)

Robbo back is the main name of note. Smashed the VFL match last week, racking up 33 touches. Might be a good option in Stadium, as he can produce when he is up and running!

IN: C.Pederson
OUT: C.Garland (ankle)

Not much to analyse here. Losing Garland is a big loss, and if anything will make the Dees defence even more incompetent.

North Melbourne
IN: C.Delaney
OUT: S.McMahon

McMahon continues to get dropped through this form slump. Delaney gets his chance, but he isn't relevant in any fantasy competition.

IN: H.O'Brien, N.Brown, J.Blair. B.Grundy
OUT: A.Krakouer, B.Hudson (calf), P.Seedsman (calf), C.Mooney

Harry O is finally back! Grundy gets his first game, and should be locked in peoples Stadium sides as the only solid rookie option. Might get a few matches as well, considering Hudson has suffered the classic old man's injury. All like for like replacement, with the major loss being Seedsman's fantastic run from the wing.

IN: T.Scully, A.Kennedy
OUT: G.Ugle, L.Whitfield

Scully back is a huge inclusion. Has had severely underrated form considering the role he is performing. Keep on your Stadium radars!

IN: S.JohnsonT.Hunt, N.Vardy, M.Brown, G.Horlin-Smith
OUT: J.Bartel (suspension), J.Hunt (shin), J.Stringer (knee), J.Murdoch, M.Blicavs (rested)

The Blics finally gets a rest, having produced very well throughout the season. SJ is obviously the main inclusion, but he does find the Saints a difficult opponent. Vardy may well shine in this game, has all the ability just needs to get lucky with the body. Solid Stadium choice! 

St Kilda
IN: J.Geary, A.Siposs
OUT: T.Dennis-Lane, R.Stanley

Not much to report from these changes. Based on form, although Geary has fantasy ability so he is another potentially unique selection that could send you on your way to some cash in the Stadium platform.

IN: A.Sandilands, N.Suban, M.Taberner
OUT: A.Silvagni, J.Hannath, T.Sheridan

Sandi back, although needs a few more weeks to find his feet so I'd avoid. Taberner comes in, and will play the tall forward role that Silvagni played the week before.

IN: S.McKernan, K.Hartigan
OUT: B.Rutten (shoulder), M.Grigg

Grigg straight out, but another debutant in. I must admit to not knowing much about Hartigan, so watch closely.

The Sunday Teams

Port Adelaide
IN: K.Cornes, D.Cassisi, M.Thomas, N.Blee, J.Hombsch
OUT: T.Jonas (suspension), J.Neade (rested)

Kane and Dom are major inclusions this week. Expect Kane to continue on in his spectacular ways. An outside chance for the captaincy in Stadium this week!

IN: M.Golby, B.Moloney, J.Brown, J.Crisp
OUT: P.Hanley

Very big ins for the Lions. Note that the Moloney inclusion could well mean the end for Rockliff's 100% midfield role. Golby is the like for like replacement for Hanley. The side has strengthen nonetheless, expect a strong performance at AAMI from the Lions.

Western Bulldogs
IN: M.Boyd, M.Austin, C.Howard, J.Stringer, T.Young
OUT: B.Goodes (arm), N.Hrovat (soreness)

Goodes is the major loss from the weekend. Boyd is the big fantasy inclusion of the week and expect him to hit the ground running. solid choice for your Stadium captain as well this week. Otherwise watch for finalized teams.

West Coast
IN: S.Butler, A.HamsM.Rosa, S.Selwood, B.Sheppard, S.Lycett, B.Wilson, F.McInnes
OUT: D.Glass (soreness), A.Selwood, M.LeCras (foot), N.Naitanui (soreness), L.Shuey (hamstring)

A mass of change for the Eagles! Scooter is a big in! The question is what will Cox produce now that Nic Nat is out of the side? Once again check for final teams before making any key decisions for this one.

IN: M.Morton, X.Richards, S.Biggs
OUT: None

Not much to say here. Doubt there'll be any changes from the Swans side that dismantled West Coast last week.

IN: S.Tuck, L.McGuane, S.Lonergan, D.Astbury
OUT: J.King (hamstring)

King is a major out given the opposition and the role he provides. Tuck might be a good solid unique option if he makes the cut!

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