Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Stadium Fantasy Preview

The Big Game: North Melbourne v Carlton Blues

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The Easiest Way to Win Money in Fantasy!

Stadium Fantasy Sport! This is a game which has only been brought out for the beginning of 2013. Already I have grabbed a cool $600 from a win earlier in the year and to be completely honest, if you want to win money in the Fantasy caper, this game is your best bet! It plans to branch out into other codes later down the track, so go on and check it out! Stadium has a unique scoring system which is best explained as Supercoach type scoring without the 3300 cap. If you're like me, and like everything about Supercoach bar that cap, then this is your game from a scoring sense. They create a game for each match in the home and away season, and you can either enter into the free game (with a chance to pocket $100 to $600 depending on the game) or the betting side of it where you go against your mates and places a wager with winner taking all! Without further ado, I'll give you a lowdown on the best paying game of the week!

North Melbourne v Carlton Blues 
(Etihad Stadium, Friday Night)

This is extremely important when deciding where you will pick the nucleus of your squad from! Who'll win, does not simply mean who'll win, but more to the point who'll have the greater amount of fantasy points. Data shows that the team on the winning side of things, almost exclusively has a higher, on average, points per player, than the opposing side. Now given this is a match which tables 11th v 9th, I think it'll be relatively hard to call. My gut says after last week, North are about to be broken, whilst the Blues, not in good form, are a side in the hunt to a greater extent. Cap that off with the fact that they haven't had to travel in comparison to the Roos who were at the Gabba last week, I think this will be a Carlton win. Given I think the Blues will win, I will generally have a bias to the Blues. 

  • Henderson- he was dominant in his forward role last week. He will likely have to play on Scott D Thompson this week, a player in fantastic form. You must decide who gets the better of that duel, and pick one of these two pricey stars
  • Thompson- will be opposed to Henderson. Is averaging a massive 133.8 PPG! If he can beat Henderson, expect him to produce a worthy captain score
  • Gibbs- consider what role he will have. In general he scores strongly against the Roos, so that must be factored into whether or not you get on this gun!
  • McKenzie- If Brad can avoid the vest, at 195k, he is a must ahve. Scored 86 last week, and when looking to balance your budget, it is these types that you must bank on. Personally would be attempted even if he was handed the Green at the start of the game.
  • Murphy- If you think Marc Murphy can turn it around, he is a must have. Priced at a ridiculously cheap 499k, this guy was averaging 138 after the first 6 rounds. Personally I'll bank on him to find some form, at that price we can use the money elsewhere!
  • Kreuzer- my personal preference in the rucks. Has been in fantastic form over the last couple of months. Coming up against Goldstein, a ruckmen who has barely missed a beat and as a byproduct is feeling the effects, might just be perfect for him. Kreuzer should be able to destroy him around the ground, especially if North burn out late like they have made a habit of doing!
  • Greenwood- Levi has already proven to everyone that he is undervalued at this moment in time. Averaging over a 120 and priced at only 473k, picking him is a no-brainer. His game seems suites to Stadium Fantasy, and given there are many options for him to tag through the midfield, you'd think his time in the centre of the park isn't up for debate.
  • Harvey- has continually been getting it done week in, week out! Averaging 136, he is more than 10 points better than the next best. He loves to play under the roof, and he doesn't mind going up against the Blues. Personally can't see a reason why not to have him!
  • Garlett- now this is a smoky pick if I've ever seen one. Out of form, under pressure, Jeff will need to turn the tables. Still averaging a respectable 97 even with this hellish run of form. I expect him to get involved in a Blues win, so with that in mind, at 370k, it's a risk worth taking!
Captaincy Options

  1. Scott Thompson- In AA form, coming up against a man who'll demand the ball, if he can beat him, a 200+ game is not impossible
  2. Brent Harvey- form is excellent. Should avoid a tag. Someone who produces week in, week out
  3. Kade Simpson- also in hell raising form, expect him to avoid a tag, and if Carlton beat up on North, expect a 150+!

Anyway some food for thought when going for the big prize this weekend! $600 on offer for 1st, $300 for 2nd and even a $100 for third. If you nail it, you'll be ecstatic all weekend! Sign up is easy, so enjoy the game, just leave first for me!

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