Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stadium Fantasy Preview

The Big Game: Collingwood v Essendon

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Stadium Fantasy Sport! This is a game which has only been brought out for the beginning of 2013. Already I have grabbed a cool $600 from a win earlier in the year and to be completely honest, if you want to win money in the Fantasy caper, this game is your best bet! It plans to branch out into other codes later down the track, so go on and check it out! Stadium has a unique scoring system which is best explained as Supercoach type scoring without the 3300 cap. If you're like me, and like everything about Supercoach bar that cap, then this is your game from a scoring sense. They create a game for each match in the home and away season, and you can either enter into the free game (with a chance to pocket $100 to $600 depending on the game) or the betting side of it where you go against your mates and places a wager with winner taking all! Without further ado, I'll give you a lowdown on the best paying game of the week!

Collingwood v Essendon
(Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sunday)


This is extremely important when deciding where you will pick the nucleus of your squad from! Who'll win, does not simply mean who'll win, but more to the point who'll have the greater amount of fantasy points. Data shows that the team on the winning side of things, almost exclusively has a higher, on average, points per player, than the opposing side. This is certainly a tough game to predict. Bookies have the Pies favourites, but given the Dons have only had one poor game of recent times, against a premiership contender, I tend to think they should be favoured for this one. Collingwood's form has been far more sketchier, and they're one of the few sides who've had difficulty putting away the Giants. The other item worth noting is the fact that the Bomber's won their Round 5 clash by 40+ points! That being said, it should be a tight and tough contest, and thus a big fantasy difference between the two sides is unlikely to occur.



  • Goddard- just keeps on keeping on. Scores between 100 to 190, depending on the day. I think given the lack of tags and lack of general pressure the Pies have put on recently, Brendon might just be ready for one of those 190 type games.
  • Shaw- had a 203 on them last time around. Been in fantastic form recently and rises to the occasion. Has been left without a tag recently, so decide on whether you think a tag is likely before buying.
  • Hibberd- just like Shaw, had a mega score on the Pies of 160-odd first time round. Michael has also been in awesome form, and has the game to produce high Stadium numbers. Might be a touch unique as well, but should certainly be worthwhile!

  • Swan- Dane has a ridiculous recent record against Essendon, by far his best against any side in the competition. He has averaged over 40 possessions on them in his last 5 matches. Finds it harder to score Stadium points due to his outside game, but if he gets around the 40 mark again, a score of 200+ will not be a surprise.
  • Pendleburry- Star, and if you have the cash don't think twice. One of the best Stadium scorers, Scott regularly gets 200+. Expect a big one this week after a couple of quite ones, had a 162 on them last time round.
  • Grundy- although he made his debut just last week, Brodie looks one of the very few nailed on picks for this week. Given his rookie price, he provides the best value within this game. If he can score 50, let alone the 109 he delivered last week. It'll be a win!

  • Cloke- Travis will be up against Carlisle, a man that he was well beaten by in their previous clash. I sense that Jake has found the going a bit tougher since he's been used in the swing-man role. Trav is a fifty fifty call, but after Jake had no answer for Buddy, Travis is not the opponent you want next. Expect a big day!
  • Daniher- although Joe was well beaten last week. He still has extreme value, and given we want to field a side of stars, finding players with value is important. Has averaged 75, even with last weeks paltry score. If he can score a 75 type, he'll be worth it, but it does depend on your sides structure.
  • Ryder- made his name as a ruckmen a few years back in an ANZAC Day clash. He has been given more of a ruck role, with Bellchambers proving a more than useful forward target. When he's on, big scores occur, so it's a risk worth taking!

Captaincy Options

  • Goddard- suited to this scoring format and given the opposition's inability to defy the opposing teams stars, expect Goddard to run amok
  • Swan- as the points before predicate, Dane loves a match against the red and black. Had a big week last week and it seems as though Hird has no answer for him. Will want to prove his naysayers wrong in a big game as well!
  • Pendleburry- can't really go wrong with Scott. Has been down in his last couple, but when he has a big game, you'd better have him captain! Toss the coin!

Anyway some food for thought when going for the big prize this weekend! $600 on offer for 1st, $300 for 2nd and even a $100 for third. If you nail it, you'll be ecstatic all weekend! Sign up is easy, so enjoy the game, just leave the big prize for me!

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE! Once again thank you fantasy fellows, good luck for Round 19!