Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Unique Men

Ricky Henderson
Less than 1.5% of Fantasy sides in
all comps are enjoying this star
By the Stats...
Stadium Fantasy Sport - 114ppg, $655,000, High (215.5), Low (25.5), Last 5- 134.2
AFL DT- 78.36ppg, $391,000, High (133), Low (13), Last 5-89.2, Owned by 2.26% 
AFL SC- 99ppg, $419,500, High (160), Low (16), Last 5-93.6, Owned by 1.18%

Position: (Def/Fwd)

Well a pick like this would certainly be as left field as it gets. Ricky Henderson, pick 10 in the 2009 Rookie Draft, previously played basketball before making a late run at football. He's always been a work in progress, but now at the age of 24, and with 65 games of AFL football behind him, Henderson is starting to perform at a level which not many suspected he could. He begun the season in his usual steady form, not setting the world on fire and being a bottom end type player of the 22. He was then injured in the Round 5 match against the Blues and finally battled his way back into senior contention by Round 11. Since the bye, Ricky has been played in a role off half back, rebounding as he plays on the oppositions third tall forward. Similar to the role that recently retired Graham Johncock use to play at stages. Since this positional move, his scores have increased dramatically (AFL DT/AFL SC);

105/101 v Gold Coast
89/85 v West Coast
106/106 v Collingwood 
133/160 v Geelong

Average: 108.25/113

That is a big average indeed. If he kept pulling out those numbers, he'd rival the likes of Goddard and Stevie J as best for their respective positions. In all likelihood, an average of 95~/100~ will be a much greater expected average from here on in. These numbers are still massive for their positions! When you take out the subbed scores of 38 v Carlton (injured) and 13 v Richmond, his overall average for the season becomes 90/93. These are fantastic numbers, and prove that with Ricky's reasonably low price at this moment, he shows tremendous value. His run home is as follows;

Freo @ Patterson's
Port Adelaide @ AAMI
North Melbourne @AAMI
Western Bulldogs @ Etihad
Melbourne @ AAMI 
West Coast @ Patterson's

This is not a fantastic run by any means, but nor is it dreadful, thus don't be too concerned by it. The issue with Henderson is not so much the opposition (because he has produced well on both quality and poor sides), but more so whether he can keep the form that he has displayed over the last 4 weeks. This is certainly a risky selection, but the dividends could be massive. When you factor in that he is averaging 90+ numbers in both major fantasy competitions, if you discount the subbed affairs, you should be able to back Ricky with a fair amount of confidence. With a new role, extremely good form and Adelaide still pushing for finals, I think Ricky could be a fantastic option for the rest of the season!

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you guys agree with this consensus, that Ricky could be a great choice in any format of fantasy football? Comment below! If you guys enjoyed the post like our page HERE and follow me on twitter HERE! Once again thank you fantasy fellows, good luck for the round ahead!