Monday, 15 July 2013

The Unique Men

Trent Cotchin
The name is known throughout the households of all adoring AFL fans. Trent Cotchin. Pick 2 behind Kreuzer in the 2007 draft, had numerous injuries though out his first two years but slowly developed to be, not only the Tigers captain, but someone who was equal second in the Brownlow in only his fifth season. Superstar at such a young age, now coming at a bargain price. Is it time to get on? 

As Cheap as it Gets!
By the Stats...
AFL DT- 92.93ppg, $415,300, L3-101
AFL SC- 108.07ppg, $501,600, L3-106.7
Stadium Sports- 125.7ppg, $648,700, L3-124.3

The back to back Jack Dyer medallist (B&F) has found the going a bit tougher in 2013 than he has in his 2 previous seasons. Averaging a massive 110.4(DT)/116.1(SC) in 2012, Cotchin not only was considered a top class midfielder, but he was simply entrenched. Picking our sides at the beginning of the year, many predicted Trent was about to add to his average once again. this was off the back of his final 10 rounds in which he averaged 119.5/124! Yes, he was averaging that highly for near on half a season! So what has gone wrong?

Season 2013

Cocthin's opening five weeks of this year were reminiscent of last year. He was averaging the same numbers, he was dealing with a tag and his owners were enjoying his consistent 100's in all forms. He picked up some form of injury in the round 6 match against Geelong (the injury has not been made public at this stage). He missed a week after that hiccup, came back and wasn't quite the same player, averaging 82/96 from round 8-13, coming up against poor sides such as the Dogs and the Dees. To me this is a blatant injury issue. Although the Tigers haven't announced any injury issues with Cotch, I think it's fair to say that when there is such a discrapency in the numbers, something is up. Anyway over the past 3 weeks, Cotchin has slowly upped his disposals, disposal efficiency and as a byproduct, his fantasy numbers. His last 3 weeks read (from most recent to least);

114/109 V GC
100/104 V North
85/107 V StKilda

Why Bring Him in Now?

Admittedly these numbers don't really read brilliantly in any sense of the word. The reason that I believe this trade is now such a good option is because of Cotchin's undeniable value! He's dropped majorly in all competitions. With our sides pretty much set, we are now looking to find strong bench cover. Cotchin no doubt fits the bill. if you're like me and have a Tom Mitchell type at M8, then there can be a rotation type policy. For the value that he is right now, and with back to back hundreds in DT, and 3 in a row in SC, Cotchin is now a brilliant value option. If he can deal with his injury, the potential for a 110/120+ average is still there. Don't miss out!

PS. Looking to the future, lock him in for 2014 across all comps now!

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