Monday, 24 June 2013

AFL Movements

Dees Debacle 
New article topic today. AFL Movements, a place to discuss the on goings of football, and more to the point, how this will affect fantasy scores! This will be the regular post on a Monday from here on, was just trying to workout what was relevant to us fantasy folks. Today I'll discuss the Dees coaching change and what this may mean for the Melbourne players fantasy scores.

Coaching change once  again at the Dees

As we all know, the Demons finally put end to the mess that was Mark Neeld's senior coaching career last week. Big discussion point amongst the whole AFL community quite obviously. What is relevant from our point of views is how Craig wants the Dees to play, and whether he can make them play this way. Craig has said that he liked some qualities of the Neeld game plan, and will also bring in some of his own. The Dees have averaged 311 disposals this year, but got 366 on Saturday, a reasonable lift which shows that Craig has put an emphasis, rather than holding to an attempted defensive, contested game style, he is allowing a bit more free wheeling. I think this is important in the general context. The Dees should begin to get slight increases across the board on their averages. The other thing to consider is the different views Craig may have on differing players. Thus I'll discuss some players.

Mitchell Clisby

Clisby, a mature age (23) rookie rebounder from North Adelaide immediately came into the team for Craig's first game. This says something. He has been in good form in the VFL, and with the Dees finally allowed to promote another rookie, Clisby came into the team. He had a strong performance and looked composed with the ball. At basement price in all comps, he produced a 70DT/71SC, once again suggesting he has the talent. If you're in the market for a cheap back, his job security looks good, he actually looks like he can play and better still he has a role which should produce good scores. Craig obviously rates him, so he is definitely someone to consider due to this coaching change.

Colin Sylvia

None other than the bad ass Colin Sylvia. It's pretty hard to write about him to be honest, my hatred for him is quite great indeed (along with thousands of other coaches I believe). But he's always had ability. This is only a pick I'd be comfortable with in a game which has an excess of trades, because it's highly likely you'll need to ship him out. But bare with me. He produced a 114/113, looked like a star and was given the free wheeling role he loves under this new regime. When he gets hot, he gets mega hot. Could easily average 105+/110+ from here. Averaging 87.1/86.2, he could be an option. Started to play well recently and Craig will want ball hungry players like him to hunt it. Expect a big average from here on in, just don't expect it for long.

Other players worthy of mention include guys like Jake Spencer and Colin Garland, but I'd wait a bit on those 2 just to define their actual role. So the main points to come out of this are;

  1. Craig has got them playing a more open, free wheeling game
  2. Disposals are up
  3. He'll have his favourites, and thus they'll produce the goods
  4. Colin Sylvia is once again an option
 Anyway thanks for reading, tell me what you think about this in the comments, enjoy fantasy folks!