Thursday, 20 June 2013

Priceless Projections (Updated)

The Ideal Fantasy Side (for AFL Dream Team) (Update 1)

Who are the top dreamers of 2013?

We have well and truly begun upgrade season. Something around this time of year which I consider to be a major help for me choosing my upgrade targets is having a projections list. A list of players in their positions whom I consider to be the best players to have by seasons end. Without further ado, I give you the first Priceless Projections. Just a bit of house keeping as well, I will have a post up every Monday morning by 10.
So all you fantasy nuts will know when to check in...

The Backmen
Ibbo, the real deal in 2013!

Goddard- proven performer, everyone should have him and if you don't get on ASAP. Very good durability and one of the only backs capable of averaging 105+!
Heppell- has broken out as predicted! Will be great for a 95+ average, has a very good inside and outside game, great durability as well.
Gibbs- will average 90+ and continually be a dependable option. Strong performer most weeks and that's more than you can ask from most backs this year.
Ibbotson- has been killing it this year and has now convinced fantasy players that he is a real option. Freo big run to come, Ibbo may well go 100+ from here on in, in his free wheeling role.
Hanley- has broken out this season. Watch for the tag but most backs seem to be susceptible. Can go massive and one who'll be firmly in the top 6 by seasons end.
Hibberd- another to have broken out big time! Michael has been dominant this year. I don't see the tag coming soon either due to Essendon having a large array of guns in differing positions. Get on!

The Next Bracket Options...

McKenzie, Scotland, Enright, Vlastuin, Dixon, Duffield, Birchall, Enright, Stanley, Hartlett, Waters

The Midfield Men
The Son of God is at it again in 2013!

GAJ- no explanation needed, will be the best fantasy man of 2013, and best player regardless of the stats.
Swan- the fantasy pig. Watch Buckley though, he's been playing our beloved as a small forward. Let the pig rack them up BUCKS!
Pendles- easy 110+ man, safe as houses. Good durability and just churning out another solid year.
Jack- read this
Barlow- read this 
Boyd- Watch him go from strength to strength in the second half of the year. Showed what he could do on Sunday. A genuine freak with great durability and a passion to play each week sees him avoid the rest, just watch those calves.
Montagna- a star of seasons past is showing that he can do it again. Saints have a reasonable draw for the rest of the year, and Leigh loves to beat up on the poor sides. Should be top 8 by seasons end!
Watson- another midfielder that performs weak in weak out. Susceptible to the tag on the rare occasion, but those moments are few and far between, getting to maximum form recently as well.

The Next Bracket Options...
Cotchin, Stanton, Dangerfield, Kornes, Mundy (check out the recent article on him, comes home strong), S Thomspon, Deledio, S.Selwood, J.Selwood, S.Mitchell, T.Mitchell

 The Ruckmen

He's Back!

Cox- The best ruck in the competition by far. Will have a few big games later on as the Eagles hit form!
Nic Nat- The next best option. Already gone back to back hundreds, had a predicted breakout before his groin troubles, and seems to be well and truly over that due to West Coast's slow rehab approach. Enjoy this star as he shoots you up the rankings!

The Next Bracket Options... 
Goldstein, McEvoy, Roughead, Leuneberge, Kreuzer

                                                                       The Forwards

Get on now, big back end of the season for Trav awaits!

- Lock, load, throw away the key and enjoy the ride. His skills are beyond ridiculous. Watch and marvel as he averages 110+!
Rockliff- Good strong option, will be up and down but will have a 95+ average which you can bank on.
Cloke- I'm calling it, big second half of the season coming up for this man. Got a good run and in form, if the Pies can click, watch him average 100+!
Voldt- All about whether he slows or not. Been the pick of the season thus far. Playing like the god which we'd seen in previous seasons. Would love to be enjoying this ride. His standard deviation is amazing as well!
Martin- Started to do what we all suspected he could. Other than the odd low, we have seen most of his scores as an 80+ with the odd BANG score. Could set a month on fire very soon. If he can continually hit his peak form, he'll be in the SJ bracket.
Bartel- looks to be the best of the rest. Averaging nearly a 100 this season, expect him to be strong at the run home, especially since the Cats will play a fair few games at Simmonds Stadium in the back half of the year!

The Next Bracket Options...
 Ryder, Stokes, Chapman, Buddy, Lewis, JJK, Goodes

So do you agree with the projections? Give a comment down below on what you'd have change! Thanks for reading :)