Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Teams Round 11 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams
He's back, just in time to terrorize the Dees

IN: Davey, Howlett, Hurley, Daniher 
OUT: Dempsey, Jetta, Gumbleton, Bellchambers. 

Daniher makes his debut for the Dons. Don't expect massive scores on a weekly basis, or a big score in this game, but watch closely, has huge potential! Might be a good cheap option for Stadium Fantasy this week. Howlett can go big and is another to watch in that game, I'm getting on! 

IN: Judd, Betts, Lucas 
OUT: Menzel, Bell, Bootsma.

Menzel out just confirms our job security fears over him. Betts might get under the guard this week, considering Garlett is likely to get more attention and Dempsey couldn't recover in time for the big clash.

Geelong Cats
IN: Podsiadly, Smedts, Stringer, Thurlow, Murdoch 
OUT: Taylor, Motlop, Schoder, Burbury, Blicavs.

Blicavs is a big out for fantasy coaches right across the country, with our Vardy fears potentially proving to be true. Burbury doesn't get his third game, proving our job security fears correct. Thurlow back helps out, and I'd expect a big game from the young Cat, good value in Stadium Fantasy this week. 

Greater Western Sydney
IN: Brogan, Gilham, Ugle, Plowman
OUT: O’hAilpin, Buntine, Wilson, Corr. 

Nothing much to announce here from a fantasy point of view... Moving on. 

Adelaide Crows
IN: McKernan, Henderson, Crouch
OUT: Martin, Brown, Lyons. 

Crouch finally gets his fourth game. An extremely relevant downgrade in my opinion. Unfortunately has the round 13 bye in the mids, but has brilliant job security and great scoring potential. If he can avoid the vest, I like him for  Stadium Fantasy as well. Martin continues to struggle in his attempts to hold a spot.

Sydney Swans
IN: White, B Jack
OUT: Jetta, Walsh. 

Brandon Jack not only got elevated today, but is playing his first game, in a competitive game nonetheless against the Crows. Expect him to be the sub, but a bold move nonetheless. Watch, and jump on if he's an iota similar to his brother Kieran. Jesse White is the obvious replacement for the hamstrung Tommy Walsh. 
Gold Coast Suns
IN: Patrick, Dixon, Hutchins
OUT: Horsley, Matera, Gorringe.

Charlie Dixon is back. Big news for GC and a nice little unique in  Stadium Fantasy this week. Gorringe goes out as we all suspected. Nicholls firms as the number 1 ruck (as I previously suggested here). Keep an eye on Dixon, as I stated he could be rather desirable if he gets solid ruck time from now on.

IN: Daw
OUT: Sierakowski.

Majak is back. That's the only change from the game. Helps a few teams out and hopefully he can remain through the byes at the very least, potential unique in Stadium Fantasy if he can find the 6 goal form he showed earlier in the season!

The Sunday Teams 

St Kilda Saints
IN: Maister, Jones, Dennis-Lane, Saunders, Dunell 
OUT: Fisher, Ferguson.

Nothing too fantasy relevant. Fisher is a big loss!

IN: Hams, Brennan, McGinnity, Cripps, Wilson 
OUT: Glass, LeCras.

JJK and Darling might have a feed against the Fisher-less Saints. Jumping on both for a day out might be an option in Stadium Fantasy. LeCras and Glass are big losses, giving the Saints an outside chance!
Melbourne Demons
IN: Sylvia, Sellar, Blease, Gawn, McDonald
OUT: Frawley, Strauss. 

Frawley out, just gives Cloke a better chance. Nothing else is too relevant, Gawn might be a needed player in some fantasy sides.

Collingwood Magpies
IN: Cloke, Sinclair, Paine, Oxley 
OUT: Krakouer.

Watch Cloke go bang this week. Maybe consider him for your Stadium Fantasy captain this week. Doubt anyone can go with him and I suspect the Pies will be wanting the kill!