Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Teams Round 13 (From a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams
The Cat is named!!! 
In: S.Savage
Out: I.Smith (corked calf)

A like for like replacement at the Hawks. Expect Savage to receive the vest.

In: D.Glass, B.Waters, M.LeCras, J.Kennedy, B.Dalziell, P.McGinnity
Out: A.Selwood (back), J.Hill (hamstring), A.Hams, J.Brennan, B.Sheppard, J.Cripps
Waters, Glass, LeCras and JJK all back! Big ins for the Eagles with no big name loss. If you think Glass can hold one of Roughead or Franklin I'd be tempted in Stadium Fantasy Sport, potentially a big score on the cards! Waters has always been a fantasy stalwart, and might be a slight unique option in Stadium given his return from injury. Expect Dalziell to get the vest, if he misses though he may be a good cheap option as well.

Port Adelaide
In: D.Cassisi, J.Pittard
Out: T.Boak (finger), C.Hitchcock (ankle)

Pittard is finally back after his one week injury (or so we were told)! Boak is a big loss, expect a higher output from Brad Ebert given his out, smoky option in Stadium!

Sydney Swans
In: T.Armstrong, K.Tippett, J.Lamb
Out: A.Everitt (Achilles), S.Mumford (cheekbone), B.Jack 

The surprise end of season mover, Kurt Tippett is set for his debut. Buyer beware in Stadium as we don't know exactly how he will be used. Personally I'm tempted though, looks like an option who could dominate a weak opponent. Armstrong is someone who has taken Everitt's role and is underpriced for his potential production. Lamb will be the sub!

In: J.Koschitzke, S.Fisher, T.Milera, T.Simpkin
Out: S.Milne, B.Maister (hamstring), A.Saad, J.Saunders

Fisher back is the only notable in for the Saints, not too much from a fantasy sense to disucss other than Milera may get off the chain, especially with Saad & Milne exiting the team. Great option in Stadium, could have a major score!
In: S.Byrnes, M.Clisby, J.Spencer, D.Nicholson
Out: M.Jamar (toe), J.McKenzie (elbow), M.Evans (foot), L.Tapscott

Clisby will be set for his debut. i must admit to not knowing much about him, but watch any rookies closely this time of year. Spencer will be set for a lot of ruck time, great cheap investment in Stadium!

In: N.Hrovat, L.Hunter
Out: D.Addison, K.Stevens (shoulder)

Hrovat gets his third game finally, but fantasy coaches won't  be as sold on his job security now. Proceed with caution if you need a downgrade! Hunter will receive the vest, but has been getting good numbers in the VFL this year.

No change

In: M.Walters , T.Sheridan , M.Taberner
Out: -

Walters is a big inclusion for the Dockers, watch him run riot on his return, jump on in Stadium!

In: L.Anthony, L.Delaney, L.Greenwood, B.Jacobs, B.McKenzie
Out: S.McMahon (ankle), W.Sierakowski

Anthony may be a strong option if he avoids the vest. Will run riot in his home town on the big ground! These are Sunday teams, but watch with interest to see whether Jacobs, McKenzie or Greenwood is named!

Brisbane Lions
In: Brown, Merret, Moloney
Out: McKeever

The big JB is back! Three massive inclusions in fact for the Lions. unfortunately I don't see wither of these guys having much of an impact on the game as the Cats continue to build their record.

In: H.Taylor, T.Hunt, S.Motlop, J.Caddy, M.Blicavs
Out: T.West (back), M.Brown

The Blics is back! Been in great form, so don't feel devastated if he's starting in any of your fantasy sides. Otherwise watch with interest, but a well rested Taylor should dominate this game! In other news, Bartel survived, much to the delight of all his owners!