Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Unique Men

David Mundy
Say Hello to your Fantasy Norm Smith Medallist
Mundy by the Stats...

Stadium Fantasy Sport - 121ppg, $662,200, High (174), Low (61.5), Last 5- 127.4
AFL DT- 96.6ppg, $472,500, High (131), Low (70), Last 5-104.6, Owned by 2.96%
AFL SC- 104.3ppg, $527,700, High (139), Low (63), Last 5-111.6, Owned by 4.43%
AFL Sportal- 128.55ppg, $475,700, High (186), Low (88), Last 5-156, Owned by 5.3%

The 19th draft selection in the 2003 draft (previously owned by the Dogs but on traded to the Dockers), David Mundy has steadily improved throughout his career in a footballing and fantasy sense. Someone who is constantly talked about in glowing terms for having elite disposal by hand and foot, Mundy is beginning to deliver on his potential as a fantasy star. The first figure which appears to be extremely important is his half yearly averages.

In 2011, Mundy was injured in the second half of the year and thus this is an outlier. Bar 2009, which was only his fifth season in the AFL (and a break out season at that), his numbers have improved during the second halves of years. Obviously we have begun the second half of the season, Mundy appears to be much like the Goodes-type 'second half of the season specialist'. These players are the ones that need to be owned by fantasy players, as a big second half of the season can not only catch your opposition by surprise, but it can allow for a season defining differential which could make all the difference come fantasy finals. Now to add fuel to the fire, this is how Mundy ended 2012 after battling injuries early in the year (AFL DT/AFL SC);

121/128 V Eagles
73/81 V Crows
130/117 V Richmond
125/129 V North
111/132 V Melbourne

Totalling 112/117.4

If he was averaging these numbers it'd place him on average as the 3rd best mid in AFL DT (disqualifying a 2-gamer in Tom Mitchell and Steve Johnson who can be picked as a forward) and the 4th best mid in AFL SC (using the same disqualification system). This also puts to bed the theory that he is only a Supercoach/Stadium Fantasy player (games which rely on quality as well as quantity). Now look at his recent numbers;

92/103 V Collingwood
105/104 V Sydney
131/131 V Melbourne
71/81 V Adelaide
124/139 V Brisbane

Totalling 104.6/111.6

Considering he hasn't yet hit the peak of his season (which is the balk half of the season as the data shows), these are very good numbers in both fantasy competitions. Also note that he managed to score well against strong opposition in Sydney and Collingwood, whilst also 'cashing in' on the weak teams. The next thing that needs to be considered is the Dockers draw till the end of the season. It reads;

http://resources0.news.com.au/images/2010/04/20/1225855/974748-pn-image-sport-dockers-david-mundy.jpgNM @ Patterson's
Cats @ Simmonds
Saints @ Patterson's
Eagles @ Patterson's

Tigers @ MCG
Crows @ Patterson's
Carlton @ Etihad
GWS @ Patterson's
Melbourne @ MCG
Port Adelaide @ Patterson's
Saints @ Etihad

Green= Weak opposition
Red= Difficult
Black= Mid pack  

That right there is a thing of beauty. 7 of the next 11 weeks are weak opposition, which are bleeding fantasy points in season 2013. They only have two very difficult opponents from their next 11. This is an amazing draw when you consider what it allows Fremantle to produce from a fantasy production! They certainly have the strongest draw on the run to the finals. Although their is the obvious risk of a resting, the draw is simply far too good to neglect a player simply because of the resting potential.

The final noteworthy point on David Mundy is his uniqueness in all competitions. Mundy is owned by no more than 5.3% in any fantasy competition. This is the differential that fantasy coaches need when tasked with attempting to get a leg up on the competition. Although the opposing point of view is they must be unique for a reason, I suggest that you consider all the numbers and don't be blind in your judgement. Mundy is ready to produce, the numbers back it up! Hope you're ready to jump on, with the Saints in Round 23 he may just be your Fantasy Norm Smith Medallist!

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