Saturday, 17 August 2013

Team Review: x marks the spot? (Matt 'Tazza' Tarrant)

Matt's Team- Can it be triumphant in 2013/14?

So guys, here’s my awesomeo teamo!!!!! You've heard me banging on about my team plenty in the group but good ol' Ben has given ME the opportunity to do it for the FINAL time (no guarantees). I’ll just go through each player and state why I picked them and why you shouldn't! Just to make it more interesting...

Mignolet- I picked him because he is a solid GK that did well at Sunderland and is now at the ‘powerhouse’ of Liverpool where he should do even better! Especially with a decent early draw. 
You shouldn't pick because he is vanilla flavoured, owned by 27.6%!! Or is it better to be safe than sorry?

Harper- I picked him as he is a 4.0 GK for hull that may play.
You shouldn't pick him... well, it’s pretty self-explanatory really.

Cole- I picked him because he is nailed on for two starts in Chelsea’s ever so crucial DGW. Also gives me an advantage if Ivanovic fails to play in one of the games. 
You shouldn't pick him because he’s not a good long term option and at 6.5 is quite expensive.

Coleman- I picked him as he plays for Everton and will not only benefit from clean sheets but potential attacking returns especially if a 3-4-3 is utilised. 
You shouldn’t pick him as Everton haven’t been amazingly tight this pre-season, not even registering one clean sheet.

Rat- I picked him as I think West Ham are guaranteed a couple clean sheets in the opening month. 
You shouldn’t pick him as there are plenty of other options that could be better.

Collins- same reasons as Rat, is a slight doubt of playing but will be warming the bench first gameweek anyway.

Chester- refer to Harper.

Mirallas- Again, plays for Everton but is a better pick as he has killed pre-season with 4 goals and 2 assists and playing in the ever attacking LW position. Is still reasonably unique and could be a bargain for his potential. 
You shouldn’t pick him as there’s always an unknown when picking someone you don’t know well and he has had a history of injuries.

Lallana- with an eye to GW3 I needed a solid backup mid for Hazard on the cheap. No risk, high reward. Will be traded after GW3 (or possibly before) if he doesn't fire. 
You shouldn’t pick him as there are cheaper options who potentially may produce at a similar output and he can’t be trusted for a starting spot, and thus is a pretty expensive bench player.

Rest of the Mids- doubt it needs much explaining, all good premium midfielders and in my opinion are the three best. There are of course other options! Taking the risk on Walcott playing as he has been dominant in his pre-season matches.

Anelka- Very popular pick, he wasn't convincing me until late pre-season when his form just got better and better! 
You shouldn’t pick him as he has the potential to flop like a pancake!!!

Soldado- As Tottenham’s lone striker should dominate Palace especially without Bale! Was between him and Lukaku but I thought Soldado can match Lukaku despite the DGW and is a better long term option. 
You shouldn’t pick him as he is quite expensive for a player who we haven’t seen much of, and don’t know exactly how he’ll handle the Premier League.

Benteke- Very convinced he will score well. Only start with him if you see him as a long term option and I see exactly that. Should capitalize on the double by notching at least a goal or two. 
You shouldn’t pick him if you’re too worried about his tough fixture or gw3 blank.

Anyway, there it is guys! Wildcard plan like many I think is wait until Bale and/or VP fires so I can restructure my team around them. Hope I helped but at the same time forced you into indecision! Haha!

Thanks for reading, discuss Matt's team and yours in the comments!