Saturday, 3 August 2013

Player Analysis: Séamus Coleman

Can Coleman produce the goods for our fantasy sides?

By the Stats...
Price: 5.0
Average per 90 minutes: 3.1
Bonus Points: 5
Goals: 0
Assists: 5
Total Minutes: 2165 (24.1 full games)
Owned by: 5.3%

Coleman, 24, is one of the few value backs that may be somewhat misclassified. Don't take last seasons statistics into calculation too much when deciding whether Coleman is right for your side. The reason being that with Martinez coming to the helm, the likelihood that Coleman will play the right midfield role in a 3-4-3 system is far greater, allowing him to have more attacking potential. With all this in mind, and at a bargain price of 5.0, he must be considered.

Reasons to start with Coleman

  • If Martinez plays his preferred 3-4-3 system, Coleman is likely to play in a right midfield role, thus allowing him to be a more attacking threat
  • Value selection
  • Has produced a season in the midfield before (2010/11), in which he scored 4 and assisting 4 others over 34 appearances
  • Started all of the last 11, and is guaranteed to be starting 11

Reasons to not start with Coleman

  • You're very reliant on Martinez's tactics which potentially could change to suit Everton
  • Has had some re-occurring hamstring and thigh problems as lately as last season
  • May play in the defensive line if someone gets injured


This pick is reliant on a few things happening, but needless to say when you consider the price and the likeliness of these things happening, I think we can safely choose Coleman for our starting sides. Playing in an Everton defence automatically means a number of clean sheets. Couple that with a misclassification, Coleman could be producing goals whilst earning the 4 points from the clean sheet. At this stage, with the lack of cheap defenders that can offer offensive points, Coleman will be starting for my side and I expect thousands of others!

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