Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Player Analysis: Edin Džeko

Is Edin Džeko a must have? 

By the Stats...
Price: 7.5
Average per 90 minutes: 6.42
Bonus Points: 12
Goals: 14
Assists: 6
Total Minutes: 1823 (20.25 full games)
Owned by: 12.1%

Edin has forever been a replacement option in the star studded  City squad. At his previous club, he was touted as the next big thing in world football, dominating the Bundesliga in his early 20's. City swooped in and paid 27 million pounds for Edin, obviously suggesting just how highly they rated the Bosnian. Dzeko has proven that he can produce the fantasy points for a number of years, even with his limited game time. With Pellegrini now on the scene, the big man's stocks have risen considerably. This quote recently came out, which may make all the difference to this selection, “We could’ve signed other players but I consider him (Dzeko) the main striker of the team and I’m sure his performance along the season will be really good,” Pellegrini said.“I very much trust him and I can say that every other player that have come are a support for a squad that needs to have more than one player in every position.” {Link here} With this in mind, Dzeko must be on every fantasy radar!

Reasons to start with Dzeko

  • Extremely cheap
  • Strong early draw
  • Will be a starting 11 player
  • Pellegrini likes him
  • Strong preseason
  • At 27, he's entering his prime
  • Has produced in this league before

Reasons to not start with Dzeko

  • There is a lot of competition for spots
  • Has never proven himself over a long period of time 
  • Man City's rotation policy, although Pellegrini may not use this to the same effect as Mancini


Personally I think this is the news that we've been waiting for. Edin's average is right up there with the best of the best in terms of striking options and at just 7.5 million, it may just be the bargain of the season! Of course actions speak louder than words, so potentially Pellegrini's quotes don't have any substance. It's a minor risk, and one worth taking at that. Try and fit the big Bosnian into your team now!

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