Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Fixture Analysis (Updated)

Chelsea has a strong run of fixtures to keep the masses interested!

Finding a team of players who have a strong fixture lists can be the difference between being Champion and an also run. Through this article, I'll go through the must have draws and the difficult draws that sides have. This must be keenly focused on once selecting your actual squad, as like I said, you don't want to have Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool in three of your next four  *cough*West Brom*cough*!

The Must Have Draws From Gameweek 12 to 16 
(Note- CAPS teams are at home, lower case are away)

West Ham, SOUTHAMPTON, Sunderland, Stoke, CRYSTAL PALACE

Although Chelsea's form has been somewhat diabolical recently, they do have a strong run of fixtures in the next five which should prove fruitful for fantasy managers. 4 of these 5 sides are bottom 5 sides at this stage of the season, just to outline the potential. Even though the blues have conceded twice in their last two fixtures, I am willing to predict this is a mere blip on the radar. Thus looking to bring in Terry (who has the potential to score week in, week out) and Azpilcueta (as a budget buy, who has recently received kudos form Morinho), may well be a fantastic move. Eden Hazard is also in strong form recently and should be considered by all fantasy managers.

Aston Villa
West Brom, SUNDERLAND, Southampton, Fulham, MANCHESTER UNITED

After nearly 6 hours without a goal, Villa netted two in a timely win for Lambert's men. Although Villa only have three clean sheets to this stage of the season, I suspect acquiring a Ron Vlaar type will be a fantastic move. They concede the fifth least 'Big Chances' per game, and with matches against Stoke, CRYSTAL PALACE, Swansea and Sunderland to come after the home clash with Manchester, you'd expect Villa to bring in a few clean sheets over this next period. Benteke should also be considered as he begins to regain form after his long injury induced lay-off.

Manchester United

Cardiff, Tottenham, EVERTON, NEWCASTLE, Aston Villa

After a very slow start, the Red Devils finally look to be the strong football outfit we've come to expect of them. Although the next 5 fixtures aren't particularly exciting, it's what comes next with WEST HAM, Hull and Norwich, to join the other strong fixtures of Cardiff, NEWCASTLE and Aston Villa. Given the general price decline in many of Manchester's defensive assets, if you believe that they've turned the corner, it may be time to bring in an Evra or Jones type.

The Difficult Draws From Gameweek 12 to 16

Arsenal, Chelsea, ASTON VILLA, MAN CITY, Newcastle

Southampton will certainly be tested in their next five, with three expected top 4 outfits to match up against in their next five. Trips to Arsenal and Chelsea will likely hurt their brilliant clean sheet record, so it may be time to bench or sell your Southampton defensive cover. Although with the recent stutters of Man City and Chelsea, maybe they can keep this phenomenal record intact.


LIVERPOOL, STOKE, Manchester United, Arsenal, FULHAM

The toffees defensive cover has proven to be a fantastic choice, with both Baines and Coleman providing both defensive and attacking returns. That'll now come into question after this next fixture list. Trips to the Emirates and Old Trafford, in back to back weeks will likely bring few points. If a move can be made, I might consider jumping ship to get a leg up on the masses.

Thanks for reading fantasy fellows, apologies for the delay between articles, has been a hectic exam period. Hope all our teams are going strong, leave a comment for your potential moves this week!