Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Teams Round 10 (from a Fantasy Perspective)

Obviously all fantasy players aren't relevant. Or are they?
If you aren't aware Stadium Fantasy Sport has made nearly every fantasy player relevant this year, with fantastic giveaways each and every match! The prizes on offer are fantastic for very little effort indeed. Anyway hope you enjoy as I provide the teams with a fantasy spin!

The Teams

The Rookie to Watch

In: R.Harwood, P.Karnezis, B.Longer, J.Crisp, M.Paparone, J.Clarke
Out: J.Brown (suspension), M.Leuenberger (hand), T.Rockliff (leg), J.Lisle, J.Green, S.Mayes (soreness)

Massive fantasy news from these teams sheets. Leuey- OUT! Rocky-OUT! Mayes-OUT! JB-OUT! From a stadium sports point of view, Longer looks like good value given he has the main ruck duties now. Watch for Karnezis' role, if given the wing maybe look to him as a downgrade option in DT.

In: A.Didak, K.Martin, J.Thomas, H.Shaw
Out: J.Russell (ankle), S.Dwyer (groin), M.Clarke, J.Witts

Dwyer gone is the big, and unexpected news from these teams. Watch for Kyle Martin, he's been killing it in the VFL and if he can avoid the vest, watch for a monster score. Could be a seriously good downgrade option. Has been averaging 105+/115+ in the VFL! Didak and Shaw may be good solid unique players in the Stadium Fantasy game.

In: C.Yarran, L.Casboult
Out: R.Warnock (knee), K.Lucas (hamstring)

Lucas is the only out of name in this game. Yarran coming in is a bonus for the Blues, but expect him to start as the sub.

In: D.Brogan, J.Townsend, N.Wilson
Out: S.Gilham, S.O'hAilpin, A.Miles

Townsend coming in means Murphy is going to have to go up against a tagger in serious form, I might avoid in Stadium Fantasy as a point of view. 

No Change

No change at the crows means they'll go in with a similar structure to last week.

In: S.Hill
Out: C.Sutcliffe

Hill coming in frees up Pearce a little bit more, extreme value in Stadium Fantasy atm, look to get on!

In: T.Mitchell, T.Walsh
Out: S.Reid, J.Lamb

 Tom Mitchell comes in for his first game. Has a major reputation through his junior days, and if he can avoid the vest, expect a big score! Also has had 51 & 55 possessions in his last 2 weeks! WOW! Lamb and Reid are out with injury, so it may be a slightly easier day for Carlisle and the like.

In: S.Gumbleton
Out: M.Hurley (ankle)

Much of a muchness, Gumby is in good form, but his value has risen substantially in Stadium Fantasy, meaning he mightn't be the greatest option unless you think he could kick an unlikely bag against the stingy Swans.

In: J. Kelly, N. Vardy
Out: J. Podsiadly (knee), J. Thurlow (rested)

Thurlow being rested is the big out regarding fantasy. The most traded in option last week will be thereabouts next week, but may need an injury or poor form to regain his place after last weeks effort.

In: M.Rischitelli, K.Horsley, J.Wilkinson, T.Nicholls, T.Sumner
Out: J. Brennan (knee), G. Broughton, S. May, J. Hutchins, J. Lonergan (hamstring)

Lonergan and Hutchins are the two rooks to miss out. Jesse is a big issue, and someone to move out given the byes which are about to occur.

In: M.Wallis, M.Talia
Out: M.Boyd(calf), T.Young (calf)

Boyd out is a massive loss. In comes Mitch Wallis and expect a big return given his additional responsibility with his inspirational captain on the sidelines. A sneaky captain choice in Stadium Fantasy.

Port Adelaide
In: C.Hitchcock, J.Hombsch, J.Neade
Out: M.Thomas (shoulder), A.Moore, S.Colquhoun

Hitchcock is back and may be a valid downgrade option if he can sustain his position within the side. Neade is another small forward back in, someone which all fantasy owners will be excited about

The Sunday Teams

In: D.Rodan, J.Macdonald, J.Strauss, J.Spencer, J.Fitzpatrick, C.Pedersen, D.Kent

Out: S.Byrnes (wrist), J.Magner, N.Jetta, M.Gawn

In: M.Osborne, D.Hale, G.Birchall, S.Savage
Out: J.Gunston (calf)

In: L.Greenwood, W.Sierakowski, J.Gysberts, T.Hine
Out: J.Ziebell (suspension)

In: D.Armitage, J.Ferguson, N.Wright, J.Saunders
Out: L.Hayes (calf)

In: A.Selwood, P.McGinnity, A.Embley
Out: -

In: A.Edwards, D.Astbury, M.Arnot, M.Dea, B.Helbig
Out: L.McGuane, R.Nahas

 So how have you done with the teams this week? A bit of carnage for my side in particular :( 
Would love a comment on how you're lining up this week!