Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Unique Men

 Matthew Boyd
Still a fantasy stud or are his days done?
Bye- R11
Run (till the bye)- Port Adelaide, (Bye), Collingwood, Richmond

By the Stats...
22,22,20 games last 3 years, from most recent to least.
AFL DT- 115,116,115, $482,000, currently averaging
SC- 112,115,106, $508,200, currently averaging

We all know Matthew Boyd. Captain of the bulldogs, hard as nails and built like the proverbial brick shit-house! Good bloke who will give you his all week in week out and sadly suffers from the disease of leather poisoning. So should we have him in our fantasy sides for the back end of 2013? His season to date begun with yet another strong preseason and the expectation that he was going to put up another consistent Boyd year of 105+ in all fantasy competitions. Unfortunately he did injured his calf on the eve of the season. The old man injury as it's known, and ultimately that's a fair call given he will be turning 33 in August. Coming back from the injury he has posted;

89/74 V Adelaide
108/107 V Geelong
80/102 V Eagles
65/74 V North
96/73 V Gold Coast
138/150V Saints

Average:  96/96.67

Boyd loves Etihad! The major positive is 8 of his last 13 are at this venue. He has averaged 109/109.6 in his last 10 matches at Etihad and has numerous 130+'s! Now the question that must be answered is whether Boyd is still a fantasy stud, or are his days in that role over? Personally I'm of the belief that he has started slowly due to the loss of fitness and conditioning which you can only get from regular match play. I think he will average 105+ in all competitions, and as today's game shows, he can still smash out a big score! He won't get rested as he is one man who simply hates to miss any matches at all, so you can feel safe in his ability to be on the park each week. His R11 bye will help out for many a bye plan, and I know it could certainly help me get an even spread with the byes. So what is the consensus from the fantasy community? At as cheap a price as you could hope for a potential premium, are you jumping on now?