Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Game Review: Fremantle v West Coast

Fantasy Analysis of the Relevant Players for 2014
Read the below commandment before changing your fantasy side!

Remember and I can’t stress this enough, this is the most irrelevant week of football you will see this season. High scores from an odd ball doesn’t mean he will average 100 in your side. Nonetheless there are always the odd gold nuggets if you know how to find it. I’ve attempted to find it where I can. Enjoy!

Selwood- had limited minutes as he looked to grab some competitive before Round 1. Scooter hunted the ball strongly and managed another solid tackling game. Can’t take too much out of this match given the lack of competitiveness, but showed enough to suggest he’s had a quality preseason and is raring to go.

Masten- worked at his best early in the match, kicking three in the first term. Chris looked seriously fit, running up and down the wing at a relentless pace in the 37 degree heat. He’ll have some big numbers on the wide expanses of Patterson’s Stadium this year.

Cox- he looked to be a lot slimmer and slicker in this first outing. Apparently he has dropped 5kg, which suggests he’ll still be playing a lot of minutes in the middle in 2014. Played a very strong game, taking a couple of quality contested grabs and produced some trademark stat padding in the defensive end as well. Don’t write him off!

Darling- seems to be playing a similar role to that of Roughead in the 2013 campaign. He primarily played as a forward, with a regular stint in the centre square to add a big body to that contest. He looked very fit, both physically and aerobically, which allowed him to push up and down the ground more so than this time last year.

Yeo- playing in the same role as he was at the Lions, and thus we can expect similar scores. He looks in great shape and will prove to be a fantastic pick up for the Eagles, but give him a miss in fantasy until we see a role change.

Sheed- his minutes were managed somewhat, but he was rather disappointing in today's clash. He has a solid body which looks AFL ready, but he really couldn't get involved in a game where the Eagles were well on top. He improved during the second half as he picked up the pace of the game, so keep him on the radar, but we must see better performances soon.

Ellis- started the game like a bat out of hell. He was everywhere and produced clean and precise foot skills. He moved to the defensive end in the second half of the match, just to give Simpson some more food for thought. His body always appears to be just a step away from injury, but if he is playing Round 1 he’ll be tough to pass on.

Barlow- looked to be in fantastic shape as always. Played the match at half rat power, but expect much of the same throughout the 2014 season.

Fyfe- was pretty similar to Barlow. Wasn’t going anywhere near full pace, but showed that he’s had a quality preseason and is raring to go.

Walters- looked to be in serious shape, barely having an inch of fat on him. Was productive as always in the forward 50, but I don’t see how he can improve further with the role that he’s in. Didn't play much in the middle and only rarely ventured into the defensive half of the ground.

Sylvia- looked to be the same Colin fantasy coaches know all too well. Wasn't getting near the pill, which is extremely disappointing given he was playing in a very lucrative midfield role. His role is promising and he has had a delayed pre-season, so he may become an option at a later stage in the season.

Pavlich- is looking exceptionally fit at this stage of the year. Was moving at full pace and made the most of his chances. He didn't play the first half, so don’t read too much into his raw stats, but when Freo is up and firing; Pav will be on the end of consistent, quality delivery.

Sandilands- Showed exactly what we are all after, he’s alive and can still move that 211 cm frame around the ground. Got some hit outs, got some of the ball and provided an option for the Dockers coming out of defence. He looks reasonably fit, having completed the preseason as well!