Thursday, 13 February 2014

Game Review: Hawthorn v Brisbane

Fantasy Analysis of the Relevant Players for 2014

First things first, remember and I can’t stress this enough, this is the most irrelevant week of football you will see this season. High scores from an odd ball doesn’t mean he will average 100 in your side. Nonetheless there are always the odd gold nuggets if you know how to find it. I’ve attempted to find it where I can. Enjoy!

Wing View from Tonight's Match


Mitchell- exactly what you've come to expect from Sam. I did enjoy the fact that he played a large portion of his game through the midfield. This has the potential to continue during the H&A with Suckling back and Duryea continuing his progression. 

McEvoy- up against Trent West, Ben made a mockery of the former Cats manin the rucked. He looks to be in fine form and should have a consistent season, but I'm not convinced that'll translate to ruck premium numbers. 

Suckling- looked in superb form with ball in hand off the half back line and looked as fit as ever. One of the throw away picks of our fantasy seasons, can see him being a genuine keeper in RDT. 

Hallahan- this kid is built for senior football. Had a beautiful kick on him and looks capable of winning the hard ball week in, week out. His tackling pressure was immense and he certainly had a presence on the ground. Keep an eye on him because the Hawks will be keen to get games into him this season. 

Woodward- Alex was everywhere early on, getting his hands on the ball seemingly on a minute basis. Issue is he still looks a tad too small to withstand the rigours of an AFL season. His disposal was also quite poor, although this is his first AFL paced game. I think the pace adjustment also led to the large amount of handballs, as he isn't known for that. I'm sure he'll make his debut at some stage but I doubt he can hold a spot in 2014. 

Litherland- has a great kick on him and overall was really impressed with his output. Although I don't think there's a role for him to take over, he may push himself into the team at some stage of the season. He has a relatively mature body after spending a few years on the Hawks list, he's ready to make his mark.

Wanganeen- played a terrific fantasy game, but he still seems a fair way off the mark. Body is far too slight and was easily pushed off when in contested situations. Used the ball reasonably well, but with the half back options at the Hawks being plentiful, you'd be an optimistic individual to tip more than a senior game or two this season.


Zorko- if he holds the type of role he played tonight throughout the H&A season, he'll be a top 6 forward. He ran very well and although he was looking very tired at every benching, it simply showed the effort he played with. Certainly showed Leppitsch what he can do in the role. 

Aish- he's absolute class, as we all suspected. Can see him playing majority of games this season, given he has a body that can stand up to the rigours of an AFL season and better still he has senior experience already.

Cutler- provided reasonable disposal throughout his time on ground, being one of the better Lions. Unfortunately his body seems a touch too slight at this stage in his career and the expectation is that this will be a developmental year for Tom.  

Close- after seeing him play today, I think he may be close to the mark for a debut early in the season. He is well built and hunted the footy very strongly, one if the few lions who could hold there head high. At rookie price, keep him on the radar.