Monday, 17 February 2014

Game Review: Gold Coast v Essendon

Fantasy Analysis of the Relevant Players for 2014
First things first, remember and I can’t stress this enough, this is the most irrelevant week of football you will see this season. High scores from an odd ball doesn’t mean he will average 100 in your side. Nonetheless there are always the odd gold nuggets if you know how to find it. I’ve attempted to find it where I can. Enjoy!

Ablett- looked in fine form and dispelled the murmurings of extended forward time with him spending majority of his minutes through the middle. Looked a cut above even whilst working in 2nd gear and getting a relatively tough tag from Hocking.

Shaw- just seems to be getting better and better. He worked hard up and down the wing, retaining his role from last year. He looks to be extremely fit and has always seemed to be able to use this facet of the game to his advantage. In a great role, don’t rule him out given the misclassification, improvement will come again.

Rischitelli- looked back to his best, but we'd have to see it throughout the NAB to be somewhat convinced. McKenna said he's had a fantastic preseason and you could see that in the way he was going about his footy. If he can hit his heights of yesteryear, he'll be a phenomenal pick.

Swallow- had a very interesting game. He began the game in the backline and I'd just about put the red line through his name. Then he came up with a shift to the middle and showed exactly what we suspected he could produce. Looks to be in strong form, must watch for the second game. Keep looking out for McKenna's press conferences, as he may be able to shed some further light on his expected role.

Martin- looked a little slight, but all in all showed he’s going to be a star. He has pace to burn and undoubtedly has the skills to match it. He’s not as ready-made as Jaeger was 12 months earlier, so I think the expectations are unrealistic if we are expecting a Jaeger 2.0. Prestia suggested he’ll play mainly through the forward line in his debut year, which will certainly cast further doubt on his value at the blown up price tag.

Stanton- showed exactly what he is capable of. Racked it up with relative ease and showed that once again he has got his body in pristine condition at this early stage of the season. Expect a quick start from Brent again.

Heppell- wasn’t given a full quota of minutes, but showed that he’ll again improve as he played a productive game in the middle of the park whilst still appearing to have something left in the tank. Expect a further improvement on last year’s numbers from Dyson.

Hibberd- played in that same rebounding role from last year, providing a lot of attacking run. Body seems cut and he appears ready for another season as one of the better rebounders in the AFL.

Zaharakis- looked in superb nick. He was taking this game far more seriously than some, which may have led to his ridiculous stats. Certainly jot him down on the watch list though, he may be ready to take his game to the next level.

Ryder- seemed to be a picture of health as he rucked for majority of the game. Did exactly what was expected of him and certainly did his chances of fantasy selection no harm by this performance.

Merrett- was really impressed with young Zach, and I suggest the Bombers may be willing to give him games early if he can sustain this form. Played in a half forward role and pinch hit through the middle. Although he doesn’t have an exceptionally strong build, he was solid within the contest and used his pace effectively when he got it on the outside. His ball use was exemplary as well. Keep him on the radar, may be a solid forward rookie option.

Thurlow- did his chances no harm as he competed strongly in the ruck, and provided a bit around the ground. Whilst he is a fair way off best 22, if an injury did occur to Ryder, he may be in for an early game. Good option for a throw away R4 pick!