Friday, 21 February 2014

Game Review: Hawthorn v North Melbourne

Fantasy Analysis of the Relevant Players for 2014
Read the below commandment before changing your fantasy side!

Remember and I can’t stress this enough, this is the most irrelevant week of football you will see this season. High scores from an odd ball doesn’t mean he will average 100 in your side. Nonetheless there are always the odd gold nuggets if you know how to find it. I’ve attempted to find it where I can. Enjoy!

Mitchell- again showed exactly what we wanted. Started off half back but was quickly tracking the ball in the middle of the ground. Lock him in now.

Hodge- looked in serious form today in his first NAB appearance for the year. Seems likely to play a similar role to last year, but will undoubtedly be a top 6 defender pick. Luke’s a very safe pick.

Gunston- was actually quite happy with Gunston on the whole today. Whilst he didn't hit the scoreboard as regularly as usual, he managed a solid 77 points. This may suggest he’s not as dependent on goals for his scoring anymore. It’s a risk, but one which could workout positively for anyone daring to take on Jack.

McEvoy- interestingly didn't play much time in the ruck today. I don’t think they’d continue with this into the season but it’s a slight concern nonetheless. In his deep forward role he proved to be a solid target, although he didn't manage to hit the scoreboard.

Shiels- whilst he was very productive today, I’d voice a word of caution. He is primarily a tagger and during the NAB they haven’t thus far given Liam a job. He will play this role during the season as the Hawks don’t have many players capable of playing the role. Nonetheless he chalks it up when let off the leash and looked in stellar form today.

Suckling- came on as the sub but just looked absolutely sublime. The Hawks love the ball in Matt’s hands and so that proved tonight. His ball use is incredible at times and he should be able to manage 80+ this season.

Wanganeen- Derrick had a fantastic match playing off half back. Whilst his body still doesn't look quite up to it, he’ll be determined to push on after being on the list for a few years. Uses the ball well and has pace to burn, so may prove to be a solid fantasy pick.

Langford- provided a real quality defensive element up forward tonight. Don’t expect him to ton up much this season, as he is really in there to tackle and pressure the opposition but he also managed to add an attacking element to his game with 3 goals. Unfortunately I still feel the Hawks have a lot of depth in that position, so I’m not sure he’s in line for many games this season.

Goldstein- just keeps on keeping on. Got his hit outs, picked up a few possessions around the ground and gave a contest. Don’t think he was especially firing on all cylinders tonight but should be a quality pick for the season ahead.

Ziebell- after a master class performance in his first NAB outing, Jack was largely unsighted this time out. Positives were that he managed a solid tackle account which suggests he should always have some reliable points. Nonetheless consistency continues to be an issue for him.

McDonald- continues to prove his football ability. Largely used the ball well and set up a couple of quality moves for the Roos. He pretty much nailed himself on for Round 1 with this performance, which will come as a welcome relief for fantasy coaches given the dearth of rookie options this year.

Tippett- actually may have a chance of debuting in 2014. Is built like a truck and although he doesn't have a particularly strong skill set, he more than managed to hold his own in marking contests down back. An injury to a player like Thompson would open the door for Joel.