Saturday, 16 August 2014

Team Review: Can We Not Knock It? (Jonno Bensted's Side)

Can we not knock it?

Picking a team for Fantasy Football on here is tough, especially when I hate half the teams in the league, and even more of the players; Couple that with the fact I inevitably lose interest just after Christmas, and I find myself wondering why I even bothered.
Then pre-season rolls around and the excitement leads me to believe that THIS year, I will take it seriously, and actively participate for the duration. Hence this is probably my 7th or 8th (and almost certainly not final) attempt to pick a team I am happy with. Happy is wrong actually, I feel comfortable with this team. It will do. At least until week 4, when after a dreadful start I play my Wildcard in a fit of rage.
So, here is my reasoning...

Goal Keepers

Begovic. Great keeper, in a team that keeps a lot of clean sheets. Not to mention he scored last season. I’m hoping for more goals this year; In fact, I consider him more of a 4th striker than a GK.
Krul. As a Sunderland fan I don’t want Newcastle players in my team. Krul however, is a decent, cheap keeper, and the World Cup showed us he likes stopping the odd penalty (unless it’s Borini stepping up).


Azpilicueta. Played most of last season out of position at LB and was outstanding. Mourinho loves a clean sheet so I wanted a Chelsea defender in here. Cesar got in because he has a great name and John Terry is a @£”&*%
Ward. Tony Pulis is a one of the best defensive coaches around. I hated his Stoke team, they played football in the sky, but he has a knack for keeping clean sheets. A Palace defender seems sensible.
Reid. Winston Reid got off to a good start last season, before a bad injury left him out for the season. I’m hoping he’ll pick up where he left off. Allardyce is also known for defensive football, so I hope this pays off. He might not start, but I will swap him for another Wist ‘Am defender.
Chambers. Arsenal have paid big money for him, and Wenger never makes mistakes in the transfer market (Francis Jeffers). I don’t think he’ll play every game, but he should start opening day, with Mertesacker and Koscielny both doubts.
Brown. My token Sunderland player this time round. Was very good last season, when he didn’t get sent off or score an own goal. Hmmm, on second thoughts....


Sigurdsson. At Swansea a few years ago he did very well. Always thought he was a good player, and like many others last season struggled in a Spurs side that couldn’t decide what it wanted. Should do well back in familiar surroundings where he’s loved.
Navas. Built like a tooth-pick, and just as sharp (oi oi!) with a season of Premier League footy behind him I expect big things this season. Pace and a good delivery = assists.
Eriksen. A player who Spurs didn’t realise was probably their best signing last season (in fairness to them, they did make about 25). When they did realise and threw him in, he looked quality. Great passer, and has excellent set-piece delivery. With Pochettino in charge Spurs will be much more attacking and have greater possession and Eriksen will be a key player.
Sterling. Has one of the strangest runs ever, but it seems to work. Fast and with quick feet, I think he’ll have a big season at Liverpool. Without Suarez he will need to step up with a few more goals, and I think he has it in him. Not to mention he seems to fall down quite easily, so hopefully he’ll ‘earn’ a few penalties.
Ramsey. If Aaron hadn’t got injured last year, he could have been Player of the Season, and Arsenal would have pushed the others right to the wire in my opinion. He was unplayable for the first 3 months of the season, and looked good again when he recovered from his injury. If he has an injury-free season, he could be one of the top point scorers.


Bojan. There is always a cheap forward who scores good points, and I have a feeling Bojan could be that man. If he can find his early career form, he’ll be a great signing for Stoke. I think they could be a surprise this year, and hopefully his goals will be a big part of it.
Rooney. Wayne is always good for his club, but poor for England. Using this formula, I have deduced after watching his performances at the World Cup, he’ll have the best season of his career at Man U this time round.
Diego Costa. A beast. A target man who will frustrate all opponents. He’s dirty, and he doesn’t care, thriving on the hatred of opposition fans and players. He’s a nuisance, and he scores a few goals too. Has looked brilliant in pre-season, and Mourinho doesn’t seem too confident in his back-up options, so hopefully he’ll get a continued run in the side.


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