Saturday, 16 August 2014

Team Review: Skoop FC (Dave Abramo's Side)

Skoop FC looking the goods heading
into a new campaign once more!


De Gea - Pretty reliable in the United defence and has a great fixture right up until Chelsea in gameweek 9. Even with their injuries, United should get some clean sheets with those fixtures. Myhill - Budget keeper that I won't field at all, no need for a second keeper with De Gea’s fixtures.


Chambers - Taking a risk on Chambers, he was named man of the match against Manchester City in the Community Shield game and with Mertesacker likely to not be starting the gameweek 1, Im playing him with the chance of a trade out if needed. I'm not too worried as my backup cheaper defenders have decent fixtures. I will definitely want an Arsenal defender though, I think they might do very well this season.
Luis - With their solid defensive record last year and their relatively easy fixtures, I needed a Chelsea defender and Luis has played a lot of pre season so Im jumping on him. Mourinho bought him for a reason so Im hoping I’ve chosen the right Chelsea defender.
O’Shea - Stoke have relatively good fixtures with the exception of gameweek 3 when they play Manchester City. Stoke have a history of being a fortress at home defensively but that was back when Tony Pulis was manager. He since moved to Crystal Palace and fortified their defence in 2013/2014. But at 4.5 he is a good, cheap option anyway.
Baird - Cheap, featured as a central defender in West Broms pre season games and has a decent fixture.
Bruce - Cheap defender with good fixtures.


Mata - Great fixture, good pre season and hopefully does well under LVG.
Fabregas - Been in EPL before and done well. Solid pre season and great run of fixtures. May have to offload when Hazard/Oscar are back but hopefully he will have cemented his place and not have to play deep.
Ramsey - Beast form last season and think he’ll pick up where he left off, my first picked.
Eriksen - Didn't get the opportunity he should have last year but did well when he did, hoping for a little more consistency from him this year. It was a close call between Eriksen and Sterling but decided on Eriksen.
Henderson - My only Liverpool player. He had a decent season last year and hope he’s even better this season. He’s underpriced and a few pre season goals haven't hurt his chances. He will most likely start on the bench for the opening gameweek so I can play Bojan.


Rooney - Uniteds new captain, a great player and knows how to find the back of the net. He should find it regularly with his favourable fixtures. At this stage he is my captain for the opening gameweek. Costa - Unproven at EPL but has had a great record at Athletico Madrid. He’s had a solid pre season under Mourinho and has great fixtures too.
Bojan - To be honest he wasn't in my team until recently. I saw that he has scored 3 goals out of his last 5 games and Stoke have good fixtures. At 5.5m its hard to pass up and I’m expecting a few goals from the Barcelona man.


Every season I end up being tempted to go big up forward where the goals are scored. I have resisted this season and decided on a cheaper third striker in favour of a stronger midfield. I really wanted Sturridge as well but think Costa and Rooney will do better. I’ll be paying more attention to midfielders and defenders. There’s some good points up for grabs from some cheap defenders if your smart about it and can read the fixtures well. I have also decided on a set and forget goalkeeper this year in the hopes of Uniteds good fixtures paying off. As far as the wildcard goes, Ill be holding onto it for as long as possible and hope to make ground on some double gameweeks with it.
Thats all from me and my team. Trade wisely and good luck this season!!