Saturday, 16 August 2014

Team Review: GoonerHolic FFC (Ben's Side)

First up, sorry for the delay, have had an exceptionally long last week or so and haven't had too much free time to myself. I'd like to give a big thanks to all of the FPL Dreamers community and I'm very happy to have both Sorn and Leanne on board as new admin for the season ahead! Without further ado, lets get into it!

Goal Keepers

These are going to prove a pain for most sides this season, at least that's my presumption heading into GW1. I've gone for a decent rotational pairing which is against my philosophy of buying heavy hitters. Sadly all the 5.5 keepers have issues next to their names in my opinion, and I need to determine who in fact will be keeping for Chelsea (as I believe Mr Mourinho does as well) and Man City. Till then I'll have to hope that Stoke and Newcastle hold steady, but in recent history Stoke have always been strong at holding the fort, especially at the beginning of campaigns!


Generally speaking, I always intend to go into the season with two strong assets. In this case, I believe Terry and Debuchy are very capable of providing me with clean sheets and the odd attacking return, whist also being nailed on for their respective sides. Chester at 4.5 has and will always be my boy. Hull have decent fixtures after the first couple, and he has the propensity for attacking returns. Vlaar was a no brainer for similar reasons as well as the ability for bonus points. Bartley at 4 in the Swansea defence (a team which I believe will have a mini renaissance), was far to hard to pass up on.


I've been umming and ahhing over this area for quite sometime. I love the look of Ramsey, Sanchez, Fabregas, Mata and to a lesser extent Hazard, Eriksen, Sterling (another of my boys) and Coutinho. Nevertheless I was keen on some heavy hitters in the strike department and I had to save some dollars somewhere. I believe that Sigurdsson, Young and Davis all provide immense value. Young at 5.5 has a role in a very attacking United outfit and has been in stellar preseason form. Glyfi has the role in the hole at Swansea, and he can produce attacking returns from not only attacking plays but dead balls as well. Finally Davis is a bit of a dark horse for mine. With the mass exodus at Southampton, I'm of the belief he'll be handed a more attacking role within the side. At 5 mill, the opportunities to jump to the guy who has bolted quickly and is set to sky rocket in price are high as well and that offers me even more reason to back in my 'new' boy!


This is when you can get excited (or scared). Don't fear but, Benny is clearly here to take the league by storm! Sturridge, Rooney and Jovetic form a dynamic trio indeed. Rooney was a no brainer, in form, another guy I've always had a high opinion of and has just been handed the captaincy, giving me the assurance that he won't be left in odd roles or rotated thoroughly. Sturridge is a man on a mission. He wants to prove that Suarez was no alpha dog and that he won Liverpool more points for a reason! At 11.5, the great value means I can easily jump to Costa or even go as high as RVP, without too much hassle. Another dark horse, but I think it's time for Jovetic to shine. Note this selection could turn to Dzeko quickly, but I do feel that it's Stefan who'll wreak havoc on defences, at least for the first few weeks.


Simple. Hold the wildcard as long as possible and I've got an extra 1 mill in the bank to sought out the inevitable misses that will occur early on in the season. Cash generation is key and I recommend following the hoards early to beef up the kitty!

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