Wednesday, 25 September 2013

EPL Weekend Review

Lovren the unlikely goal scorer grabbed the winner at Anfield

Liverpool v Southampton
Final Result: 0-1


Moses- Victor played an even more attacking role than the previous week, with his average positioning much deeper in an attacking sense. He only had one shot on target and largely didn't provide much attacking impetus  along with the rest of the Liverpool squad who had an off day. He is an absolute bargain nonetheless, given his attacking role in a top 6 team, you'd suspect that he'll provide continuous attacking returns. Rodgers has high expectations as well, so far playing him in 81 & 94 minutes respectively. Can be bought at a bargain price of 6.3.


ShawAfter an injury ravaged first 3 weeks, Shaw is beginning to get the minutes we suspected he was capable of. 77 & 94 minutes in his last 2 weeks, at an ultimately bargain price of 4.5. Although he hasn't provided much from an attacking sense so far this campaign, most likely due to his injury issues, he has the capability to produce an attacking return. He created a chance every 116.2 minutes which for a defender at his price is fantastic. Keep on the radar.

Osvaldo- Pablo is the type of enigma player that as fantasy players can prove equally delightful as it can be frustrating. After a slow start minutes wise, he has begun to embed himself into the Southampton game plan. Against Liverpool, he certainly went some way to showing what he is capable of. He had a shot every 31.3 minutes, linked the midfield and forward line much more adeptly than previously, and seemed to show the first signs of why he was brought in. Lambert is now the second striker at Southampton, and thus if he can provide similar returns as the Englishmen has, he'll be worth acquiring.

Lallana- Adam had another productive attacking match, attempting a shot on goal every 38 minutes! He is the type of player who can create chances, score goals but in the same breath be increasingly frustrating as he can go cold for long periods. Nonetheless, if you're after something a bit unique, Lallana could be a fantastic pick up.

Chelsea v Fulham
Final Result: 2-0


Oscar- It's official, Oscar will be the man to play the role in the hole this season for Chelsea after his main challenger in Mata, wasn't even given a role in the squad. He was fantastic in this game, playing in an extremely deep attacking role and creating a wealth of opportunities. He is first choice and thus at 8.6, I suspect he is still decent value given Chelsea will certainly be a top 3 side and will score goals throughout the campaign. He scored a well worked play and created an opportunity every 31 minutes. No reason to bypass the Brazilian on this start.

Ivanovic- For all intensive purposes, Branislav is an attacking player who plays in defence. He creates opportunities and scores them as well. In previous campaigns his role in the starting 11 has been questionable but this time around he looks nailed on, having not missed one minute in the Premier League campaign this season. He had a shot every 45 minutes in this one, fantastic stats for a defender. Consider, because major attacking returns are just around the corner.


Bent- If you were one of the many who bought in the Englishmen, you'd have liked what you saw at Stamford Bridge. Albeit he didn't get on the scoreboard, but Darren looks to have the speed and guile to be Fulham's main man this season. Had an opportunity to score the first of the match, but a solid Cech save extinguished that chance. Once again, it's only a matter of time before Darren starts scoring at will. Bring in now!

West Ham United v Everton
Final Result: 2-3

West Ham United

MorrisonRavel is priced at 4.4, and I'd suggest that if he can continue to get 70+ minutes week in, week out, lock him in now. He scored and created chances at will. After producing a pre-season where he scored at almost a goal a game, the performance was certainly no fluke. He has the ability to push up the field, and can run defensively as well. I suspect he'll hold his spot and produce some solid attacking returns, at least during this lean period for the Hammers.


Baines- Leighton is showing exactly why he is the highest valued defender in the game. For anyone who missed his two phenomenal free kicks, YouTube them now. He is averaging 8.4 points per game, and his stats show that on average he receives the ball the second most forward on the pitch for Everton. Let me repeat, his average positioning is the second highest up the pitch for Everton! That's ridiculous. He's been picked by a large percentage of managers, so if you're missing out at the moment, bring him in before the hurt becomes greater.

Lukaku- Romelu just proved to the football public once again that he is the man for the job. Scoring on debut for Everton, I'm expecting a big buy-in by the end of the gameweek. He scored 17 times last season in the Premier League, and with one season more experience in a now stronger side, that number could well grow. Had a shot on goal every 17.7 minutes, one of the best shot per minute ratio in the league. Expect big returns this season from the 7.4 million rated man.

Newcastle United v Hull City
Final Result: 2-3

Newcastle United

RemyAfter a slow start to the season due to injuries, Loïc is now the product we all thought he could be. In a total of 181 minutes (or two games), he has now scored twice and provided an sisst as well. He was incredible throughout this encounter, having a shot every 16.2 minutes and looked continually dominant throughout. If Remy finally has his body right, he may well be another Newcastle man worth having a look at. Was fantastic at QPR and has started well in front of the Toon Army as well. Watch closely...

Hull City

Brady- Robbie, an ex-Man United player, once again showed that he can provide attacking returns for Fantasy managers in search of a bargain buy. Was the main man in the midfield, linking the play between midfield and attack, regularly running the ball up himself. Will be getting a game continually due to Hull's lack of options, so I'd suggest he's a low risk cheapie and thus one to bring in.

Arsenal v Stoke City
Final Result: 3-1


Ozil- 3 assists in this 90 minutes. 4 assists in 2 premier league games. Mesut has started on fire and is quickly becoming one of the best performed players throughout the league. His price continues to rise, but given his astounding chance creating ability (has the most assists in Europe over the last 5 season), I'd suspect he'll be a strong captaincy option for the length of the season. Bonus Points will come thick and fast as well, there really isn't a reason not to bring in the German International!

Ramsey- Aaron has just continued his absolute dominance of this season and really looks unlikely to stop anytime soon. Has been going at a goal a game for Arsenal's first 7 in all competitions. At 6.2, and an ever increasing price, he's still extreme value and must be brought in before it's too late. Even when he invariably slows down a bit, he'll still be major value in a season where it looks as though Arsenal will once more be a top 4 side. Jump on now and enjoy the Welsh ride!

Sagna- Whilst Bacary managed to nab a goal in this outing, don't expect this to be a regular occurrence. He isn't a particularly attacking full back and if I was to invest in any of Arsenal's defensive unit, I'd pick Gibbs who has been pushing forward continually and who finally seems to be over his injury worries. 

Stoke City

Wilson- Marc is a player who won't provide many attacking returns or a lot of bonus points, so why bother talking about him? He's the cheapest way into the Stoke backline, at 4.5 and although Arsenal made short work of the visitors, Stoke is still a very strong defensive unit especially at home. An additional bonus is that he is havinga  shot on every 79.4 minutes, suggesting there may be a slight chance for a goal or two this season. Personally my pick of the cheap defenders at the moment, so if you're after a cheap option look no further.

Manchester City v Manchester United
Final Result: 4-1

Manchester City

Aguero- Sometimes we forget just how prolific Sergio Aguero quickly is. In a derby of this magnitude, he was everywhere, dominating the pitch and finding the back of the net twice in an absolute man of the match performance. At 11.0, the question is do you have the money to bring him in? Although Man City have continual rotation, thus far Sergio has avoided it bar one 28 minute appearance. He can be deadly off the bench as well, so I wouldn't mind so much if every 5 games he grabs 20 minutes instead of 90. He looks on the way to replicating his debut golden boot winning season, so the temptation is certainly there.

Nasri- Samir provided the type of game City fans would hope could be replicated. The Frenchmen was dominant on the wing as he continually bombed down and gave City attacking impetus. When he plays like this, some question whether he can be one of the stand-outs of the Premier League. Watch with interest, because his form has been strong for awhile now, and if it continues he'll be one of the games best midfielders for the season.

Y.Toure- Yaya has once again shown that he is more than capable to provide the fantasy points. Doubted at the beginning of the season due to his suspected defensive midfield role, Yaya has once again shown that he is a pure box-to-box midfielder. Pellegrini's game style which can be interpreted as trying to domineer and play the game within one (attacking) half. This has led to Toure having multiple opportunities to score. He's been fantastic on the dead ball once again, so if in doubt, he can still find other ways to produce the points.

Manchester United

Rooney- Wayne was again in the thick of the action and although the blue half of Manchester dominated this game from start to finish, Rooney still managed to show he can create without many opportunities to do so. Scored a stellar free towards the end of the match, again showing just how deadly he is around set pieces. At a pricing far cheaper than Van Persie's evaluation, the question of whether this could be a good straight swap will certainly be pondered this week.
Thanks for reading this analysis of the weekends fixtures! Hope your side destroyed this week fantasy fellows!