Friday, 27 September 2013

Fixture Analysis (Updated)

Arsenal's Draw is still very strong

Finding a team of players who have a strong fixture lists can be the difference between being Champion and an also run. Through this article, I'll go through the must have draws and the difficult draws that sides have. This must be keenly focused on once selecting your actual squad, as like I said, you don't want to have Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool in three of your next four  *cough*West Brom*cough*!

The Must Have Draws From Gameweek 1 to 5 
(Note- CAPS teams are at home, lower case are away)

Run: Swansea, West Brom, NORWICH, Crystal Palace, LIVERPOOL

The only negative with this run of fixtures is that the Gunners have 3 away games. A tough trip to Swansea (although you'd suspect there should be goals) coupled with a home match to Liverpool should be Arsenal's most difficult fixtures. The middle three (Gameweeks 6-9) should be extremely profitable all over the ground so holding your Gunner players looks a wise decision, at least for the next month or so.

Run: CARDIFF, STOKE, Crystal Palace, Southampton, MAN UNITED

Another strong run, this time for the Craven Cottage dwellers. Cardiff, Stoke and Palace should allow for positive results and with a bit of luck a few goals for the faithful. Acquiring the likes of Bent and Kačaniklić may well prove to be a good decision at this stage of the season. Exploiting a draw like this should also allow for relatively unique selections, so Fulham players certainly have some solid potential for their future fixtures.

Manchester United
Run: WEST BROM, Sunderland, SOUTHAMPTON, STOKE, Fulham

Well after a very difficult fixture list to begin the season, the Red Devil fortunes certainly do change here. Loading up on the likes of Rooney, Van Persie and Vidic may well prove the way to go. You suspect that these next 5 should provide 5 wins and many goals as well. Expectations are high, but Man United have a knack of being able to capitalize on these types of fixtures, and I expect no different here.

Run: ARSENAL, Southampton, SUNDERLAND, WEST HAM, Cardiff

The Welsh club look primed for the picking now. After a difficult beginning to the season which included fixtures against the likes of Man United and Liverpool, the draw, especially after this weekends match opens up brilliantly. Michu is now hitting the back of the net at the rate of knots we've come to expect of him, and a Wilfried Bony/Vorm type pick should prove to be fantastic selections as well.

The Difficult Draws From Gameweek 6 to 10

West Ham United
Run: Hull, Tottenham, MAN CITY, Swansea, ASTON VILLA

After such a good early draw, the Hammers are due for the type of torrid tests that await them. My expectations are that they should still be able to find the back of the net on a relatively consistent basis, but they'll concede in mostly likely all of these five fixtures. Outside of Nolan and Morrison, I'd look to ship out your Hammer's.

West Bromwich Albion
Run: Man United, ARSENAL, Stoke, Liverpool, CRYSTAL PALACE

Three of the top 6 within a five game block. Topped off with a trip to Stoke! You can't possibly see how the Albion can pull much more than a solitary victory out of these games. Although there isn't much to bring in from their squad, if you find anyone, AVOID!

Newcastle United
Run: Everton, Cardiff, LIVERPOOL, Sunderland, CHELSEA

Given the Black and White have been far from convincing thus far, the tests over this next period may well have them in a bottom 3 situation. Avoiding majority of the Newcastle list looks to be the way to go, with potentially the odd exception in Ben Arfa or Remy. In saying that, even those two attacking studs will find it extremely difficult at the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool. Once again, I'll have to repeat, AVOID!

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